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Submission + - Is this the biggest rip-off ever built on open source?-> 2 2

littlekorea writes: Australia's weather bureau has racked up bills of $38 million for a water data system, based on Red Hat Linux, MySQL and Java, that was originally scheduled to cost somewhere between $2 million and $5 million. The Bureau's supplier, an ASX-listed IT services provider SMS Management and Technology, did a good job of embedding itself in the bureau, with all changes having to be made by the original consultant that built it. Smells fishy?
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Submission + - AltSlashdot is coming-> 3 3

Okian Warrior writes: I've registered "". I intend to run a site much like Slashdot used to be — better articles, less decoration and less "in your face" functionality. I'm reviewing and getting comfortable with slashcode right now. I'm looking for volunteers to help with setup and running the site. If the site becomes profitable, I intend to hire from the pool of volunteers. If you've ever wanted to participate in a site like Slashdot, here's your chance! I'm particularly in need of people who can:
  • Set up and manage a high-traffic site (servers, load-balancers, data sites, &c)
  • Edit story submissions
  • HTML, CSS, and script creation/bugfix/repair

Contact me if interested John (at) AltSlashdot (dot) org
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Submission + - User Backlash at Slashdot Beta Site-> 3 3

hduff writes: Look at almost any current Slashdot story and see loyal, long-time members rail against the new site design, willing to burn precious karma points to post off-topic rants against the new design and it being forced on users by the Dice Overlords. Discussion has begun to create an alternate site.
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Comment Re:A few months ago (Score 1) 159 159

It's probably a Kubuntu fault. I use extensively KDE from Debian Sid on a crappy Dell laptop (4 gb of ddr2 ram, integrated intel graphic, a pretty basic core 2 duo from the 2008), with Firefox (lots of tabs open, heavy modern javascript crap loaded), a python ide, an awful ica client, messaging clients and a gargantuan number of Konsole tabs open. With kde 4.8 i'm almost always well below 3 GB of ram used. With more than 30 days of uptime. Disclaimer: the first thing i do to a fresh kde install is to disable nepomuk :-)

Comment Re:Everyone gets same deal as Nokia? (Score 1) 293 293

if Google went away, Android would continue.

Hahah no it wouldn't. Nobody else is providing any code to android. Nobody else is even allowed. All the default apps (like gmail, market, maps, the browser) are closed source.

The browser is 100% open (but i suppose you haven't even seen the AOSP sources, let alone analyze the code for the browser) For the other apps, you're right, they're absolutely closed. But if Google went away, what could you do with a client for their now-offline services? :-)

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