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Comment Re:Hang 'em high... (Score 1) 471

I don't think "you didn't write a law specifically against it" should stop them from getting fined.

Devil's advocate here: The purpose of tax law is to collect a percentage based off earnings. Should funneling money around to reduce tax owed be illegal by your definition? You can prosecute people without laws in place. Everything would become arbitrary.

Comment Re:Who the fuck can remember all those stupid name (Score 1) 262

In my house my parents would always refer to our cars as "The Buick", or "The Honda" to differentiate between them if we needed to do something with one or the other. Years after the Buick ceased to exist, my dad called our Subaru "The Buick" by accident. It's not necessarily marketing so much as habit. These commentators have Surface tablets on set, but they probably don't own them or use them at home. More than likely they have iPads. There is nothing to see here.

Comment Re:iPhone (Score 4, Informative) 674

It's a news reporting technique where they captivate more readers with something familiar. An article that reads, "Owner saves labrador retriever from fire." Will draw not only the doglover crowd, but will get a bigger emotional impact from the lab owners for no extra effort. In the case of the iPhone, it happens to have the largest userbase for the article to tap into.

Comment I did a lesson to sixth grades as such: (Score 1) 175

1. I brought in an old computer I had lying around

2. I asked them to draw what they thought was inside it.

3. Went over the drawings with the class.

4. Blew some minds after opening it.

5. Discussed the parts and related them to the human body as best I could.

The retention was very high when they understood how the processor was like the brain, the hard drive like long-term memory, ram like short-term. The motherboard was like the circulatory system (blood stream). Video card was like the eyes.

Comment AMD's PROPRIETARY driver (Score 1) 136

This description could have been phrased much more coherently. Quick info: Open source Linux driver still much slower than proprietary. Closed source Linux driver "catching up" to Windows driver. Basically, we're still the same time-frame away from gaming/graphical work disappearing from the checklist of functional applications on Linux.

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