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Comment Re:Ignore the actual awesome, of course (Score 1) 13

The funny part is how much more earned media/bandwidth consumption the Cruz campaign got out of casting a "woman of ill repute" for the video than if the advertisement had simply run.
Where the Cruz campaign failed to go with it is casting a transgender immigrant minority Muslim recovering addict; all of your bunched panties on the Left would have been even more preposterous than usual. Which is saying a lot indeed.

Comment Re:Sounds good... (Score 1) 109

I actually live in Port Hueneme. We're between Ventura and Malibu. A ton of sun - typically 320 days a year of sun. Today will be totally clear blue skies and about 80 degrees for the high temperature. It's a really nice little community down here, with great weather year round. Definitely beats the fall/winter/spring in Seattle (where I'm originally from)!

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