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Comment: Re:Shoot me (Score 1) 160 160

by Message (#38992555) Attached to: Engelbart's Keyboard Available For Touchscreens

"Oh no — there's no "@" symbol! If you haven't realized it yet, the keyboard is focused only on the alphabet. Punctuation, navigation, and modifiers are nowhere to be found. But since we have two hands, those are exactly the kind of things that should be integrated in the left hand keyboard.

We haven't built out the left hand yet, but you can imagine that holding a chord on the left hand can modify the keys available on the right hand. For example, holding down the left thumb could be similar to shift (allowing capital letters), or holding down the left thumb and first finger could allow for number entry."

Comment: Status Symbol (Score 1) 738 738

by Message (#34852668) Attached to: Jerry Brown Confiscates 48,000 Cell Phones

If it is anything like some federal agencies, the blackberry is seen as a status symbol. Look, I'm important enough to be needed at anytime... most really aren't that important. I declined one when I switched offices but there are people (non-IT or managers) with blackberries. Waste of money.

Comment: Re:Passwords are stupid (Score 1) 343 343

by Message (#34575152) Attached to: The Case For Lousy Passwords

It is sort of the same system employed by the military with their Common Access Card... authentication requires two things.. something you possess (the card) and something you know (your PIN). You need both. One without the other is useless. And the card will lock you out after three wrong attempts.

Comment: Re: How does (Score 1) 1088 1088

by Message (#33219422) Attached to: Obama Wants Allies To Go After WikiLeaks

I do not think it is correct that the US military lacks the will. It is what they train for. Most of it can be done without looking upon a single enemy combatant; it is just a matter of how much explosives to apply.

It is the public/American society that is not willing to accept the collateral damage.

Comment: Re:hmm... the internet doesn't work like MS exchan (Score 2, Interesting) 523 523

by Message (#33161318) Attached to: Pentagon Demands Return of Leaked Afghanistan Documents

Did you even bother to read the complete summary? No. Well, let me qoute the relevant part for you: "According to the BBC, Morrell also 'acknowledged the already-leaked documents' viral spread across the internet made it unlikely they could ever be quashed,' but hopes to prevent the dissemination of a further 15,000 documents WikiLeaks is reportedly in the process of redacting."

Idiot indeed but it isn't the Pentagon

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