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Comment Re:Come on... (Score 1) 418 418

"My first change is from Supra Cat-7+ to Audioquest Cinnamon playing a piece from Eric Satie, a performance by Alexandre Tharaud of Gnossienne No. 1. I immediately notice an increase in air and a wider stage with the Cinnamon. The recording room has grown and the playback is a little more fluid, more natural I would say."

Oh brother. Somebody needs to set this jackass up in a blind test (with 2 cheap cables and nothing else, of course) and ask him which is the $10K cable. Film the results and post them for a laugh.

Comment Re:Audiophile market (Score 3, Insightful) 418 418

Egoistic psychopaths and narcissists who lack any semblance of taste will pay a fortune for that poseur status and they will kill anyone and everyone, either directly or indirectly through indifference to the outcomes of their actions, to earn the money to pay for that status. This so they can pose over their poor they create.

Holy shit, that's the best description of the United States I've ever read.

Comment Re:They are just trolls with lots of money (Score 1) 418 418

Sadly, so many kids today seem to see their music as disposable, and many have never HEARD what a good sound system can sound like...and only know white, cheap earbuds...or worse...the thudding of "Beats" headphones, that so far I've yet to find a tweeter installed.

Well hell, what with the steaming shite they listen to, does it make a difference? I doubt a decent system is going to make the average poptart sound any better. Maybe worse, actually.

Submission + - Mark Cuban Wants You - But Won't Pay You->

Mephistophocles writes: Mark Cuban thinks people ought to work for him — for free. No stranger to controversy, Cuban posted on his blog that people who want to work for free ought to be able to — even though that's generally illegal (strict rules apply to unpaid internships — they can't do anything that benefits the company, replace paid workers, etc). Linkedin posted a scathing rebuttal yesterday, flat-out calling Cuban out for his claims and citing statistics showing that unpaid internships just aren't worth it — people who take them in college actually tend to make less than people who take no internship at all:

The National Association of Colleges and Employers recently did a survey of people who graduated in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree and found that a graduate who did a paid internship while in college made an average starting salary of $51,930 – compared to a $37,087 average salary for workers who didn’t do an internship.

But here’s a shocking statistic from that same survey: 2013 graduates who did an unpaid internship while in college actually made less than students who got no internship at all – $35,721 a year, on average, compared to the aforementioned $37,087. Pretty bad deal – work for free and then make $1,366 a year less when it’s time to work for money.

So are unpaid internships really just slavery in disguise, or is Cuban correct in that they can provide valuable experience?
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Comment Re:Haha, nobody will do this. (Score 1) 208 208

Roger, same here. I just don't "need" new games bad enough to eat their bullshit, and regardless there are other studios out there who don't practice this screw-the-customer-at-every-turn routine. It's typical corporate greed - yes, they can do everything just short of actually sending a goon to your house to rape you and your dog, and there will still be plenty of people who buy their crap and they'll still make a profit. But I don't have to be one of them.

Comment HA! (Score 3, Interesting) 365 365

Man. What idiot marketing shill came up with that harebrained scheme? Talk about corporate desperation. So we'll trade in a perfectly good MBA for half what it's worth in credit toward a glorified tablet that M$ can't seem to give away? (yes, I know that's last year's news but no reason to believe anything will change with version 3 IMHO). No thanks. I'm not really a huge fan of the MBA either, but this is ridiculous.

Comment Why didn't I think of that (Score 1) 132 132

Oh, sure, that'll work. Those nice senators are always SO ready to listen to people's phone calls. I'm sure they just sit around all day hoping that someone will call them and tell them what to do, because they just get so much pleasure out of serving the people. I mean, they just put so MUCH importance on the will of the people. Guess that's why their approval rating is so gosh-darn high.

Comment Re:Better Idea (Score 1) 104 104

Neither do I, IMHO the state doesn't really have any business forcing the owner to do anything. The idea was to make a point; there's no way the state would agree to independent oversight of their inspection practices since they don't give a flying #*&$ about safety; it's about revenue.

Comment Better Idea (Score 1) 104 104

Here's a proposal for a minor change in the legislation. If this law is all about protecting the consu--I mean citizen, and limiting abuses of the inspectors, providing an accurate record, etc, then instead of the inspectors wearing a recording device, how about requiring those being inspected to wear them instead? Same results, right? Surely the state inspectors won't have ANY problem whatsoever being recorded doing their jobs - if everything's so above board, then they have nothing to fear.

Comment Re:Maybe (Score 1) 371 371

No argument with any of that, and great points re: NSA's deceit and the fact if Snowden could make off with such a database, it was likely child's play for most governments with an interest in it. However, expecting Apple to actually follow through with installing privacy controls like what you've described is probably the height of foolish optimism. I'm perfectly comfortable taking the matter into my own hands, hence the destruction or careful blocking of the camera.

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