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Comment: Right thing to do. (Score 3, Interesting) 558

by MentlFlos (#34586262) Attached to: Judge Declares Mistrial Because of Wikipedia
I just finished jury duty so this is all fresh in my mind. The jurors job is to determine if the evidence presented shows that the defendant violated specific laws. The judge lets you know specifically what the laws are and explains what they mean if it is too cryptic for a non-lawyer to understand. In the case I was in it basically meant that all 6 of us were used as human lie detectors to see which witnesses were the most truthful. We were encouraged to ask questions if anything was unclear about the law, evidence or charges. Outside interpretations would have tainted the whole thing.
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ATMs That Dispense Gold Bars Coming To America 482

Posted by samzenpus
from the leprechaun-industries dept.
tetrahedrassface writes "As the US economic woes continue unabated, a German company is bringing gold-bearing ATMs to Mainstreet America. The machines accept credit cards, and will dispense 1 gram, 5 gram, 10 gram and 1 ounce units, as well as various gold coins. The company hopes to install 35 bullion machines in the United States this year, and will hopefully have several hundred up and running by next year. The machines will be decorated like giant gold ingots and be over two meters tall. Physical gold has both pros and cons, but from a safety standpoint would it be fine to have a couple of ounces in your pocket while walking around the mall? The giant, gold-dispensing ATMs will monitor the market conditions for gold every 10 minutes in order to reflect spot price changes as they occur." We already covered similar machines installed in travel hubs across Germany.

Comment: Re:Diesel (Score 1) 1141

by MentlFlos (#33154190) Attached to: My Automobile Gets __ MPG

except the new Volkswagen TDI, which carries a $5,000 USD premium over its gasoline equivalent.

This isn't as easy to compare as you think. The TDI is pretty much the top level trim version of the gasser with the diesel engine. While it may be $5k over the price of the base level, once you knock the options up so you are comparing similar option packs that number drops to approx $2.5k more for the oil burner.

They are also a hoot to drive. I just got one in April

Comment: Re:1. Complete nonsense; 2. google ELM327 (Score 1) 270

by MentlFlos (#32227506) Attached to: Any Open Source Solutions For DIY Auto Diagnostics?

You've apparently got no understanding of what the OBD II interface lets you do.

OBD II lets you read trouble codes and operational data (sensor values, fuel integrator, ignition timing, etc.), and lets you clear trouble codes.

That's it. There's no danger at all. You can't alter anything other than clearing trouble codes.

I do not think that means what you think that means...

I could very easily use open source software to write out new code to the ECU in my subaru. There was no way (to my knowledge) to have it effect safety systems but you could pop the engine if the wrong bits were flicked.

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