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Comment: Re:three words, one hyphen: (Score 1) 549

by MentalMooMan (#41789989) Attached to: Why Can't Industry Design an Affordable Hearing Aid?

Using basis points removes the ambiguity when talking about fractions of percentages.

Consider: "The interest rate, previously 5%, has been raised by 1%". Does this mean the new interest rate is 6% (5 + 1), or 5.05% (5 * 1.01)?

If you say "The interest rate, previously 5%, has been raised by 100 basis points" then the only possible interpretation is that the new interest rate is 6%.


+ - Google's Profits Fall 20% Year-on-Year->

Submitted by MentalMooMan
MentalMooMan (785571) writes "Google's quarterly profits fell 20% compared to the same quarter a year ago, according to a mistakenly-released draft earnings report. The report was supposed to be released after the markets closed, but was submitted earlier. Google is blaming printing firm RR Donnelley for the mistake. Google stock is down 9% and the NASDAQ has halted trading until the earnings report is finalised by Google."
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CIA Officers Are Warming To Intellipedia 102

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the i'm-warming-a-turkey-sandwich dept.
Hugh Pickens writes "The CIA is adopting Web 2.0 tools like collaborative wikis but not without a struggle in an agency with an ingrained culture of secrecy. 'We're still kind of in this early adoptive stage,' says Sean Dennehy, a CIA analyst and self-described 'evangelist' for Intellipedia, the US intelligence community's version of the popular user-curated online encyclopedia Wikipedia adding that 'trying to implement these tools in the intelligence community is basically like telling people that their parents raised them wrong. It is a huge cultural change.' Dennehy says Intellipedia, which runs on secure government intranets and is used by 16 US intelligence agencies, was started as a pilot project in 2005 and now has approximately 100,000 user accounts and gets about 4,000 edits a day. 'Some people have (supported it) but there's still a lot of other folks kind of sitting on the fence.' Dennehy says wikis are 'a challenge to our culture because we grew up in this kind of "need to know" culture and now we need a balance between "need to know" and "need to share."' A desire to compartamentalize information is another problem. 'Inevitably, every person, the first question we were asked is "How do I lock down a page?" or "How do I lock down a page so that just my five colleagues can access that?"' The growth of Intellipedia has so far largely been fueled by early adopters and enthusiasts says Chris Rasmussen, a social-software knowledge manager and trainer at the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency. 'We are struggling to take it to the next level.'"

New Law Will Require Camera Phones To "Click" 1235

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the pointless-wastes-of-time dept.
An anonymous reader writes "A new bill is being introduced called the Camera Phone Predator Alert Act, which would require any mobile phone containing a digital camera to sound a tone whenever a photograph is taken with the phone's camera. It would also prohibit such a phone from being equipped with a means of disabling or silencing the tone."

Black Holes From the LHC Could Last For Minutes 672

Posted by kdawson
from the becoming-greyer dept.
KentuckyFC writes "There is absolutely, positively, definitely no chance of the LHC destroying the planet (or this way either) when it eventually switches on some time later this year. And yet a few niggling doubts are persuading some scientists to run through their figures again. One potential method of destruction is that the LHC will create tiny black holes that could swallow everything in their path, including the planet. Various scientists have said this will not happen because the black holes would decay before they could do any damage. But physicists who have re-run the calculations now say that the mini black holes produced by the LHC could last for seconds, possibly minutes. Of course, the real question is whether they decay faster than they can grow. The new calculations suggest that the decay mechanism should win over and that the catastrophic growth of a black hole from the LHC 'does not seem possible' (abstract). But shouldn't we require better assurance than that?"

Comment: Re:SKY TV set top box (Score 5, Informative) 480

by MentalMooMan (#26293565) Attached to: Anyone Besides Zune Owners With New Year's Crashes?

My mythtv box (running mythbuntu) crashed within about a second of midnight as I was trying to watch the fireworks, and stopped responding to ping, ssh, everything.
My excuse for staying in and watching the celebrations on TV is that... my dog ate... my shoes.

Yes, that'll do...


+ - Wikipedia censored in UK

Submitted by
DarkCow writes "Wikipedia has been put on an IWF blacklist, apparently due to an article containing an image depicting a naked child on an album cover.
Most major UK ISPs are affected, in that all wikipedia-destined traffic is routed through a handful of transparent proxies, causing a bit of a panic over at the admin's noticeboard. ZDNet and The Register report.

"The great firewall of the UK" doesn't have quite the right ring to it. Any suggestions?"

+ - UK ISPs switch on mass Wikipedia censorship->

Submitted by coolnicks
coolnicks (865625) writes "Wikipedia has been added to a Internet Watch Foundation UK website blacklist, according to discussions on the Wikipedia administrators noticeboard, this is because a transparent proxy has been enabled for customers of Virgin Media, Be/O2/Telefonica, EasyNet/UK Online, PlusNet, Demon and Opal. This has two effects: users cannot see content filtered by the proxies, and all user traffic passing through the proxies is given a single IP address per proxy. As Wikipedia's anti-vandalism system blocks users by IP address, one single case of vandalism by a single UK user prevents all users on that user's ISP from editing. The effect is to block all editing from anonymous UK users on that list of ISPs. Registered users can continue to edit."
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+ - UK now censoring Wikipedia 1

Submitted by badfish99
badfish99 (826052) writes "As the register is reporting, ISPs in the UK are now censoring access to Wikipedia, because of the image on this page.
I've just tried to access it myself, and I get a 404 error, with no indication that the page really exists but has been censored. How many other 404 errors in the last few years have been things that the government didn't want me to read? It's a good job I've installed Tor."

+ - UK ISPs censor Wikipedia page, serve fake 404 1

Submitted by
McDutchie writes "Suddenly, access to Wikipedia from most major UK ISPs has become painfully slow. The reason: all your connections to Wikipedia are being transparently proxied through a single IP address, and the article about the 1970s Scorpion album, Virgin Killer, is blocked, presumably because of the cover image. The proxy serves fake 404 Not Found error page, so you wouldn't know about the block unless you were familiar with Wikimedia's regular 404 page. Wikinews has more on this."
The Internet

+ - UK ISPs are censoring Wikipedia

Submitted by Concerned Wikipedian
Concerned Wikipedian (666) writes "Starting December 4th, Wikipedia administrators noticed a surge of edits from certain IP addresses. These IPs turned out to be the proxies for the content filters of at least 6 major UK ISPs. After some research by Wikipedians, it appears that the image of the 1970s LP cover art of the Scorpions' "Virgin Killer" has been blocked because it was judged to be "child pornography" and all other attempts to access Wikimedia foundation sites from these ISPs are being proxied to only a few IP addresses. The latter is causing many problems for Wikipedia administrators because much of the UK vandalism now comes from a single IP that when blocked affects potentially hundreds of thousands of anonymous users who intend no harm and are utterly confused as to why they are no longer able to edit. The image was flagged by the the Internet Watch Foundation, which is funded by the EU and the UK government and has the support of many ISPs and online institutions in the UK. The filter is fairly easy to circumvent simply by viewing the article in some other languages, or by logging in on the secure version of Wikipedia. [Wikinews] and [ZDnet]"

+ - Major UK ISPs Blacklist Wikipedia 1

Submitted by
Jonnty writes "Wikipedia has been put on a blacklist of theInternet Watch Foundation, a UK body which gives ISPs lists of sites they reckon ought to be blocked. While UK users can still browse Wikipedia, they're now doing it through about 10 proxy servers, causing havoc among the community as innocent users are blocked over the actions of vandals hundreds of miles away. According to Wikinews, it's all a result of an album cover by the Scorpions featuring a naked ten year old girl, which has caused controversy in the past. However, it certainly raises questions about whether the IWF is compent enough to hold such power — it looks like they've blocked Rapidshare in the past, too."

+ - UK ISPs erect 'Great Firewall of Britain'->

Submitted by redbu11
redbu11 (1343351) writes "Since yesterday, 5 December, wikipedia administrators realized strange things were going on: users of many majors UK ISPs visited wikipedia from only two IP addresses. This caused serious troubles in wikipedia operations, because all of a sudden it was impossible to filter vandals out. At first, a technical bug on wikipedia was suspected; the discussion can be seen on wikipedia here Investigation has shown that something more sinister was going on. The IWF foundation,, appeared to dislike the cover of Scorpions album named "Virgin Killer" shown here: The album cover is controversial and many feel that it's distasteful, however it is not illegal by any means; the album was sold in great numbers. Instead, IWF silently ordered several UK ISPs to reroute wikipedia traffic to a special censorship proxy (wikipedia saw IP of the proxy instead of the actual IP addresses). What is especially alarming about IWF approach is that: IWF did not notify Wikipedia that there is any legal problem with their pages; IWF did not file any legal claim (as one would expect if any law would have been broken); IWF did not notify own customers about ongoing censorship. One would expect a clear message saying that a page was blocked, who blocked it and how to request unblocking if this happened by mistake. Instead, the page presents a fake "404" error as if the page would be missing from wikipedia. The ongoing story is documented here."
Link to Original Source

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