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Comment: Hot dogs are fore the masses (Score 1) 291

by MellowBob (#49057417) Attached to: Should We Really Try To Teach Everyone To Code?

How to teach people to write better internet posts. We should teak every one to write in the format of "5 Easy Tricks to Loose Weight". Any BS taught to the masses will suck. WTF about daughters - Irrelevant to coding for the masses.

It's like the masses using MS paint to digital masterpieces and Fark entries.

Comment: Re:Hire the best person (Score 1) 341

by MellowBob (#48754041) Attached to: Intel Pledges $300 Million To Improve Diversity In Tech


How about putting that $300 million toward pay raises. More people, irregardless of sex, color, fill in the check box, will want to work for Intel and tech in general. Few of those might be women would change their majors because they would make more than something else. It might even solve that lack of STEM workers that we hear about.

Comment: To all the Windows haters. (Score 1) 265

by MellowBob (#48359903) Attached to: Worrying Aspects of Linux Gaming

In Scott Adam's, Dilbert's Principle, he has a chapter on "abnormal" engineers. Normal engineers what to modify and perfect everything technical, to the detriment of usability and form. One "abnormal" engineer was a guy who had an unmodified TV remote and is quoted that he happy that the damn thing works.

Windows 8, from the desktop, works. I don't care about Windows as long as I get my damn Steam games.

Comment: Re:To those who want $7/gal tax (Score 1) 334

by MellowBob (#48340697) Attached to: Americans Rejoice At Lower Gas Prices

Those that want to tax other people often aren't interested in doing much more themselves. For a bad example, a while back the head of Greenpeace used a private jet for a short summit on global warming. Another, Warren Buffet wasted hot air calling for higher taxes, but did not give any money from his giant trust to the government.

If you want to force other people to do something, show that you're doing it yourself, not just SAYING you will at some future date. This isn't about scale. I think that 7/gal is just stupid. It is about actually sacrificing and doing something instead of whining others should pay more.

Comment: It isn't about labor costs, but... ? (Score 1) 720

The title says it's not because of increasing labor costs, but then points out that places like Walmart and banks are already using automation. Perhaps they found it cheaper than what ever they paid an employee at the time they automated?

It's just the cost of McD's to automate is higher than grocery stores and banks.

Comment: Common Core was backed by Gates, too (Score 1) 363

by MellowBob (#47841217) Attached to: Bill Gates Wants To Remake the Way History Is Taught. Should We Let Him?

and, if you've seen any YouTube video of Common Core math, know it absolutely sucks. Recently, there was a study that showed that rote memorization of simple math starts the process of higher though processes. I think Slashdot had a post on it.

Common Core is such a big carp at such a basic level that anyone who was a part of promoting or creating it should never doing anything with education again.

Comment: Re:Overpriced? (Score 1) 136

by MellowBob (#46295267) Attached to: How Jan Koum Steered WhatsApp Into $16B Facebook Deal

True, but this is at least partially developed and Facebook isn't creating something completely new, although integrating the technology into FB might be the "developing". This might be more like the 10 store strip mall being turned into the Mall of America. FB is paying the full price for Mall of America just to get the revenue of a family run property.

I don't see how they can increase the revenue 100x or more (using the real estate metaphor) as I'm guessing the data mining from that would overlap their current business. My current ability is only getting 10-20x on CD, DVD, and toys; and that's why they're the media empire billionaires.

Comment: Overpriced? (Score 0) 136

by MellowBob (#46294543) Attached to: How Jan Koum Steered WhatsApp Into $16B Facebook Deal

In residential rental real estate, the rule of thumb is monthly revenue of 1% of the property or annually, 1 eighth of the property's value. The biggest companies like Exxon, Walmart, and Apple have a revenue to value ratio close to 1:1. Their last year's revenue is one thousandths of the purchase price.

Hey, Facebook, give me a million bucks and I'll give you 1,000 each year. Heck, I'll double it, $2,000 next year.

Comment: Wait a Second, Fanboy (Score 1) 296

by MellowBob (#45672657) Attached to: Six Electric Cars Can Power an Office Building

Why not just buy the batteries and charger and skip the cost of the car?

Depending on source, Japan's electricity cost is 50-100% higher than the U.S. At $20k per car and the above $800/yr per car saved (In U.S.$400-530), what is the return on investment per year (this question doesn't include upkeep like maintenance cost of the car)?

How fast do you wear out the batteries due to the increase of charge/discharge cycle?

Comparing the savings of time shifting usage with approx $120,000 cost of the cars, what could the same company do to reduce consumption using $120,000 to reduce energy consumption (therefore reduce amount of the evil CO2 created)?

How many mile will you loose if if the cars are used for commuting?

Would have posted on the original site, but my login cookie gets blocked.

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