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Comment: interesting case.... (Score 5, Informative) 76

by MeistaDieb (#47772415) Attached to: Fake NVIDIA Graphics Cards Show Up In Germany
The cards were all sold by the Distributor "Kosatec". Kosatec itself bought the cards directly from Point of View in the Netherlands (proof was given by invoices and transport packaging). The statement of Point of View is that they have not produced the cards... Could get real interesting :-D

Comment: Re:Not only that... (Score 1) 264

you can't mix up private use with business use. If you use Debian, Kubuntu, CentOS etc you will always have a maintained OS for years. You don't have to pay for updates if you use them on your private computer. In business you don't want to update your users desktop that often. People don't like changes ;-) But you don't have to consider Linux on the Desktop, stay with MS, just change your server OS. People won't remark it and you will get much more possibilites in using different software =) Or just expand your MS environment with OpenSource software. There are millions of possibilities to make a admins life easier :-D

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