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Comment Re: Not sincerely held (Score 0) 518

"... the relevant texts were written long after the fact ..."

The fact is that there is zero evidence that anything in the Bible is true, old testament and new alike.
Israelis in Egypt? Not documented while we have documentation about the time period, plagues of Egypt? Strangely not documented at all. Releasing the Israelis? Nope - not documented.

We have no proof there were ever a Jesus, we have no proof of any miracles or events depicted in the new testament ever happened and we have no proof the Roman government sidestep all rules and crucified anyone for something out of their (self selected) jurisdiction. We do know that the description is wrong as the dates of persons given doesn't match up and we have plenty of documentation of everyday affairs in the area/time. There even are written texts describing _other_ people who claimed to be the messiah in the area/time but no mention of the Jesus dude nor his miracles. Strange that.

Comment Re:Software needs to catch up (Score 1) 167

IMHO there should be 3 basic types of loops: FOR, PAR, SEQ. FOR loops can be parallelized if possible by the compiler, PAR loops have parallel semantics and SEQ loops have sequential semantics.

Then most loops can use the FOR variant but when advantageous the programmer can use PAR or SEQ depending on the situation and/or to help the compiler and improve readability.

Comment Re: Blacks are dumber than whites (Score 1) 96

Bricks? That's not what most of us call mud. :P

Claiming that mud huts is some indicator of intelligence (as the clueless fuck above tries to do) is in itself laughable - if anything it is an indication of intelligence. There are less complex huts that can be made but mud is cheap, ecologic, easy to work with and (if used correctly) a near perfect match to the climate. Why build western style houses when they would be much more expensive and much harder to maintain where the weather is extremely wet for long periods followed by extreme heat for long periods, not to mention that in many places in Africa there is very little wood usable for construction - heck in some places there aren't enough to cook on.

Comment Re:If... (Score 1) 363

I remember one course in computer science (architecture) where the textbook was written by the lecturer (a academic no-one), it was considerably more expensive than the standard textbooks, it didn't cover as much or in as much detail than the standard and it was "required" as it contained assignments that would not be provided in any other form. Bullshit.
It worked out in the end though the university at first didn't see the problem: the use of that book was actually not decided by the lecturer but by the university. The reason was that it followed the lectures better than any other book - not that strange...
The result was that one was recommended to use the book but it wasn't required. Why didn't they do that from the beginning? The course itself was good as was the lecturer but that left quite some badwill...

Comment Re:Wolf3D, Doom, Quake... (Score 1) 309

Doom ran in 32 bit mode too? Segment addressing were no problem, the framebuffer was addressable as 64kiB at 0xA0000 by default. I don't know what you mean by "Data was packed into 16-bit values", are you talking about internal structures in Doom?

"Mode X" is the unchained 320x240 mode with square pixels using a planar layout, making the whole 256kiB VGA address space available. Horizontal: pixel 0 => plane 0, pixel 1 => plane 1, pixel 2 => plane 2, pixel 3 => plane 3, pixel 4 => plane 0, pixel 5 => plane 1 etc. Each plane was 64kiB in size so 256kiB in total. Getting good performance from unchained 256 color modes wasn't easy and essentially reduced to trying to avoid changing the active plane.

The 320x200 mode was more efficient for some types of rendering but had the disadvantage that it only used 64000 bytes of the video memory, the framebuffer address n mapped to plane n&3, address n>>2 as viewed by the CPU. This meant doublebuffering wasn't possible, the alternative was rendering in a memory buffer and then copy to the framebuffer.

Comment Re:um (Score 1) 276

That would indicate the laws of nature be broken. What recoil systems do is spread the impulse over a longer time range+some conversion of recoil energy to heat. For some automatic weapons such systems aren't worth it as there aren't enough time between shots to be effective.

Comment Re:They should have been shot (Score 1) 328

Well a protected civilian object isn't a combat zone and even for military objects the guards aren't usually ordered to shoot to kill. I was trained to shoot to incapacitate if an attacker were enough threat to me/others to require force to stop but not enough a threat to stop permanently.

Comment Re:They should have been shot (Score 1) 328

You are an idiot. Even "non-lethal" weapons do kill people with enough regularity that they are always called "less-lethal" nowadays. Use of a weapon is always potentially deadly, most professional users of weapons (excepting most soldiers) are trained to only use them if absolutely necessary. Even a shot in a leg/arm can be lethal even with professional care right away - heck, one can die from a near miss or from shock.

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