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by Megol (#47712325) Attached to: Solar Plant Sets Birds On Fire As They Fly Overhead

Just because you think something it doesn't become true. There are fanatics that think like that, sure. But one doesn't select an extremist group and try to paint them as the average - that is the way of shills and retards.

Most environmentalists are those that realize we live in a world with finite resources and that our children will indeed inherit the earth as we leave it.

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by Megol (#47705775) Attached to: Google's Driverless Cars Capable of Exceeding Speed Limit


So the law is stupid so we'll change it right?
Increase the speed limits? Then there will be idiots driving even faster. That includes times when the weather conditions means even the regular speed limit is too high.
Remove speed limits? There lies madness - clearly shown by actual statistics. Many drivers already drive too fast for the road condition, traffic situation and the limitations of both their car and their driving abilities.

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by Megol (#47704147) Attached to: Why Chinese Hackers Would Want US Hospital Patient Data

Yes that is true. What's also true is that most people doesn't need the most expensive type of treatment which makes the total less than a medical insurance in the US. The difference is that those that can't afford paying for an insurance still can get the necessary care. And if one want to and can afford it - go for it and get an insurance too and get that unnecessary CT scan or MRI whenever you feel like!

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If one removed IE, not the interface and what most users call IE but the actual core libraries that actually implemented it? Well that doesn't work too well, a lot of functionality in the user interface was removed as it did and still does AFAIK depend on them. That could be worked around though.

But yes there were a lot of stretching of truth from the MS side, no doubt about it.

However here we may see the disadvantages MS have as a convicted monopolist entity in that they may be afraid to remove applications in the store for non-technical reasons. One could hope that they detect and report duplicates and fakes to the original creator who can then tell MS to remove the app (avoiding any chance of litigation from a rightful owner) but even that may be hard to do sometimes.
Or maybe MS just likes the big amount of apps in the store even though most is copies and fakes?

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by Megol (#47683535) Attached to: Involuntary Eye Movement May Provide Definitive Diagnosis of ADHD

Yet another load of bullshit linked to an ADHD article...

People that can juggle a lot of things in their head simultaneously can multitask. Most people can't and for those trying to multitask will strongly reduce work performance.

People that can't concentrate on things _may_ have ADHD. Or some other conditions or just bad genetics.

There's a huge difference between those things. Having ADHD doesn't give one a multi-tasking enhancement.

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by Megol (#47654039) Attached to: NVIDIAs 64-bit Tegra K1: The Ghost of Transmeta Rides Again, Out of Order

Nope. All standard OoO mechanisms is one of pushing - that is pushing of operations to execute from the scheduler to the execution units. The execution units are dumb and only consume data, operation information giving a set of results.
In most OoO designs the amount of operations actually capable of flowing through the execution units are less that the theoretical width, limited either by the scheduler or the retirement logic.

A VLIW can scale to greater actual execution throughput however it is hard to make them perform good on many types of code. Compilers is one example of a hard type of program for VLIWs.

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by Megol (#47653989) Attached to: NVIDIAs 64-bit Tegra K1: The Ghost of Transmeta Rides Again, Out of Order

Out of order execution can only do one thing actually: cope with varying latency of operations. For most normal instructions a LIW/VLIW/explicit scheduled processor (yes there are some that aren't a *LIW type) can in most case do better than the dynamic scheduler. Where OoO execution really shines is hiding L1 cache misses and in some cases even L2 cache misses and there static scheduled code have a hard time adapting to hit/miss patterns.
The standard technique for statically scheduled architectures is to move loads up as far as possible so that L1 misses can at least partially be hidden by executing independent code, often using specialized non-faulting load instructions that can fail "softly" and be handled by special code paths. The problem doing things like that is that fine grain handling isn't really possible due to code explosion.

But it is fully possible to do partial OoO execution just for memory operations and maybe that's what Nvidia is doing. Maybe not.

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Idiotic drivel.
My mother have had 3 types of cancer (that is: of separate types not related to each other) and been cured of them all using different kinds of treatments.

My father have a friend that had bone cancer in the cheek which was successfully removed surgically with chemo therapy afterwards to avoid spreading.

A relative was diagnosed with throat cancer (she was a life-long smoker) and the first treatment planned was an operation to remove the main tumors, after opening her up it was discovered that the cancer had spread more than expected and later examinations showed the tumors had spread throughout most internal organs. Then the care shifted to make her death as comfortable as possible.

I could list more examples but the fact is that oncologists are medical doctors just as any in the field and yes they are treated by the same methods as anybody else if they get cancer. This strange paranoid fixation on oncologists is strangely often linked to antisemitism for some reason, like all oncologists would be Jews...

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That isn't an argument?!?

If Intel bought the company and the product why wouldn't they keep using the name it already has and that still is associated with anti-virus programs? That would be ridiculous and potentially revenue loosing

If they would stop using the name of a drugged-out criminal, pedophile, probably murderer it would be for PR reasons. But the public mass doesn't really follow the "adventures" of this idiot like we /. readers are forced to.

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You work with RTOS development and don't know the difference between speed and reliable response times?!? Me thinks you are a bloody liar...

Example: The TLSF (Two Level Segregated Fit) memory allocation algorithm isn't used for RTOS because it is the fastest one - it isn't. But one can do analysis of the execution time and therefore determine the worst case execution time for all operations. _That's_ why it's used!

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