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Comment: Re:Hmmm... (Score 1) 72 72

Terrorists aren't generally crazy nor religious. Were IRA religious? What about Sendero luminoso, Contras, the cocaine cartels, Nazis, AFA, Israel*, France, Hamas etc.?

Terrorists have to be convinced of an idea that is worth using some kind of terror tactics. Most terrorists are sane and in many cases intelligent.

(* parts of Israel but as the acts are ordered from the heads of the regime the state is a terrorist group using any sane definition)

Comment: Re:Hillary Clinton says: (Score 1) 197 197

Or why not mention the Taliban? You know the ones that wanted some form of proof for the involvement of Osama Bin Laden in 9/11 before they would extradite him?
No matter if this was just a way to delay the process USA decided that they didn't have to do anything and (as usual) responded with an invasion, starting a war without any legal or moral justification.
And (again as usual) the USA started the war without a declaration of it - something that is incredibly wrong when the Japanese did the same* at Pearl Harbor.

(* in fact we now know that parts of the US government knew about the plans and that the Japanese had intended to declare the war. This was delayed by their slow decryption process - US code crackers were more efficient and knew about the war declaration _before_ the Japanese embassy personnel did)

Comment: Re:touchpad (Score 1) 77 77

Well I compare using the touchpad to using the mouse and then (for me, for this computer with my configuration) the touchpad is much faster for everything except gaming. A touchstick/eraser mouse is of course much faster as one doesn't have to move a hand from the typing position but have other limitations (right/middle click requires moving a hand, left click does too unless one enables tapping the stick, either positioning speed or accuracy is limited even with a tweaked configuration and good acceleration settings).

Comment: Re:No, it ISN'T free speech. (Score 3) 251 251

There's one big problem with your rant (and a lot of others but let's focus): God doesn't exist. There are provably only one right given by nature: the right of the strong, that is that a stronger party can suppress a weaker party. Nature in itself doesn't hinder this which makes it a "right" to be taken by, again, the strong.
But humans are moral beings - evolved due to advantages of the group rather of the individual. This means that most communities creates rules of what is considered a correct behavior. HERE is where the ideas of human rights come from - not a hypothetical malevolent being.

Comment: Re:History repeats itself... (Score 1) 77 77

So they're trying to reproduce what IBM did 10 years ago on the first ThinkPad W series laptops?

Yes but with several significant differences.

I remember looking at these when they first came out and thinking it would be useful for sysadmins/coders who work in odd areas, but the form factor is pretty much useless on a plane/train, inside a rack, or anywhere else you don't have a full desk to set it on. And the fact that it was an 8.5lb laptop in the days of their competition getting down into the 5-6lb class. Coupled with the high (even for IBM) pricetag, it didn't do so well.

Given the configuration it wasn't designed to be either light or affordable: high-end Intel processor, 17" screen + 10" screen, high-end Quadro graphics, color calibrator integrated in the base, Wacom digitizer in the palmrest and a lot more. A obvious desktop replacement machine for people that need to design stuff on the go - a small niche.

Comment: Re:touchpad (Score 1) 77 77

Perhaps you should try Windows? Not that the standard drivers are any better but with some configuration the vendor drivers are pretty damn good. With some training a touchpad is much faster for normal use than having to move one hand to a mouse, it will not be as quick as using a touchstick but those are only available for a very limited number of vendors/models. :(

As currently setup I use single tap to click, double tap to start selecting text and/or drag an object, two finger tap for right click and two finger drag for scrolling. Except for playing FPS this is much smoother and faster than using a mouse.

Comment: Re:"No idea how... the brain works" (Score 3, Insightful) 219 219

We have no actual understanding on several important parts of the working of a brain, we don't know how memory works, we don't understand how decisions are made (or even what it means if one want to get philosophical) and we don't understand how an intelligent being get the feeling of self.
There are a lot of theories and clues of how some mechanisms work (parts of how some levels of memory works, parts how neurons and synapses work, part of where and how some functions of the brain works, and even some mechanisms of self awareness). But that doesn't mean we actually understand it as a brain.

Mental problems and physical problems in the brain aren't really treatable at the moment. What is done is the medical equivalent of carpet bombing with drugs that have little (if any) experimental proof of helping, for some cases they help - for some not. Side effects can be serious in many ways.
  One of the most efficient and oldest treatments available is that of ECT (Electro Convulsion Treatment) which again is a carpet bombing equivalent that causes a (somewhat) controlled seizure in the brain. But even that is really done without a thorough understanding of the working mechanisms - what is known is that it is often successful for a variety of mental problems, that it works quickly compared to drugs and some details like that of signaling substances being released during the seizure and that neural growth is increased in some parts of the brain. But again understanding of a few pieces of a puzzle doesn't mean we can even begin to comprehend the puzzle as a whole. How does it work? Anybody that claims to know is a fraud.

Comment: Congratulations Apple! (Score 1, Interesting) 190 190

You have finally realized that your touchscreen controller actually provides a pressure strength and are able to hype it up like it's revolutionary.

Not even if we realize the limitations of pressure sensing of a standard capacitive controller and add additional sensors to make the detection less granular is this something new. I don't know how long Synaptics (touchpad manufacturer) have had their capacitive+force sensor combination available but it is at least two years, but even ignoring that the idea and implementation isn't anything new.


Comment: Well in some cases it is a problem. (Score 2) 289 289

I had to disable some drivers from updating to keep my computer running. The drivers installed automatically were not only older, they didn't work for my configuration. For most end users an automatically installed update making their computer non-bootable is a huge problem.

That said there have to be a better way to do this, what about a mechanism where an OEM can declare some drivers untouchable for Windows update? Or even making the hardware manufacturers/device driver writers use the existing hardware detecting mechanisms correctly?

Comment: Re:Subsidized tin foil hats: Only in Sweden. (Score 5, Informative) 529 529

The article is wrong.
EHS isn't generally recognized as something but psychosomatic illness by medical science however the use of the label is allowed (EU directive IIRC).
Some places gives money to "sanitize" the homes of people claiming sensitivity - but most doesn't. The stated goal for those places that do isn't to reduce electromagnetic radiation per se but to reduce the nocebo effect. The law doesn't count alleged EHS as a disability and doesn't require anyone to reduce EM exposure which it would if the effect were considered real.

People diagnosed with EHS may apply for disability just as other suffering from some serious psychosomatic illnesses.

In short it seems that Sweden was listed as an example to "prove" the effect is real as considered by some state. That's simply false. The local law, medical science and research all consider it being purely psychosomatic triggered by the nocebo effect.

Experiments must be reproducible; they should all fail in the same way.