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Comment Will you Shadowban as governor? (Score 2) 127

You have in the past (and probably still do) ban people from posting from you website, including paying customers, in a fashion that makes the users not aware of their status. Given that this is fraud, do you plan on implementing any sort of Shadowbanning as governor? Perhaps billing constituents for state services without providing them?

Comment Re:Cartels fall apart (Score 1) 360

The reason why diamonds are so expensive isn't the result of De Beers, but rather the governments of the western world refusing to sell diamonds unless they are certified as "conflict free" and the government of many diamond producing nations having laws in place to limit the harvesting and exporting of diamonds.

... because De Beers has influence over these governments to maintain the market conditions that De Beers wants. The problem with free market puritanism is that it attempts to completely separate the private entity with the government entities they manipulate. Some would even go so far as to try to victimize De Beers. The fact remains that De Beers is just as complicit in all the bloodshed in those regions. Playing the "only blame the governments involved" is shortsighted.

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