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Comment: savvis (Score 1) 1

by Megane (#46823609) Attached to: Was Slashdot down yesterday?

From reports I saw, there was something wrong at savvis (I think /. must be hosted there?) where a link had serious problems. Pings had an 75-80% loss rate. It seemed too specific to be a DDoS. Apparently something was packet-storming that link, or a port just plain went bad. I'm still surprised it took all day to fix it. It was bad when I woke up, and still bad when I went to sleep. Other stuff there was down too, but apparently /. and SF were just the only well-known sites there.

While it had been referred to as "a small percentage of users", it seemed to have completely broken /. for customers of AT&T, Comcast, Centurylink, and XO.

+ - Aereo To SCOTUS: Shut Us Down And You Shut Down Cloud Storage->

Submitted by jfruh
jfruh (300774) writes "Aereo is currently fighting for its life before the Supreme Court, and has issued a warning: if you take us down, you could take the entire cloud storage industry down with us. The company argues that they only provide customers with access to shows picked up by an individual antenna that they've rented. If the constitutes a 'public performance,' then so does the act of downloading a copyrighted document stored in a cloud storage service — even if the customer has purchased the right to use that document."
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+ - Slashdot the victim of peering problems on Comcast?-> 3

Submitted by jddj
jddj (1085169) writes "Not sure how to tell you guys, but Slashdot won't load on my Comcast internet. Everything else appears fine. This has been going on all day (Tuesday).

Happening on multiple machines and mobiles on my home LAN. If I switch the same machine over to my VPN with a same-city exit point, Slashdot loads near-instantly in the same browser, same connection — just tunnelled over VPN.

Not a DNS problem, already checked. Loads fairly quickly on 4G LTE-connected mobile phone on VZW.

Ought to look into it..."

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+ - The Science Behind Powdered Alcohol, the Latest Way to Get Drunk->

Submitted by Daniel_Stuckey
Daniel_Stuckey (2647775) writes "Last week, the US Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau approved Palcohol, a powdered alcohol product that you can either use to turn water into a presumably not-that-delicious marg or to snort if you don’t care too much about your brain cells. It’s the first time a powdered alcohol product has been approved for sale in the US, but not the first time someone has devised one, and such products have been available in parts of Europe for a few years now. Now you may be wondering, as I was, how the heck do you go about powdering alcohol? As you might expect, there’s quite a bit of chemistry involved, but the process doesn’t seem overly difficult; we’ve known how to do it since the early 1970s, when researchers at the General Foods Corporation (now a subsidiary of Kraft) applied for a patent for an “alcohol-containing powder.”"
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Comment: Re:Or foregoing kids altogether (Score 2) 328

by Megane (#46808085) Attached to: Women Increasingly Freezing Their Eggs To Pursue Their Careers

The problem with "global population growth rates" is only in the developing world. As a society develops, birth rate naturally goes down. Right now Japan is facing a top-heavy population due to declining birth rate, and Europe is also below the replacement rate. I think the US is about flat, but because of immigration. The reason is that as infant mortality goes down (less need for "spare" kids), and as lifestyle options increase, children turn from an asset into a liability. Child labor laws also help reduce the value of a large family, and having children at a later age reduces the replacement rate.

You not having kids isn't going to help the planet. People in India and China having fewer kids makes a much bigger difference.

Comment: Re:One word: FUD (Score 3, Funny) 269

Don't forget the people living on a... um... "government income", who suddenly won't be able to watch Jerry Springer or Dr. Oz or other fine examples of daytime television programming. Once their big-screen TV set shuts down, you know the first thing they're going to do is grab a large kitchen knife and go on a rampage killing everyone in the neighborhood.

Comment: Re:Not sure about the recovery test (Score 1) 125

by Megane (#46794195) Attached to: SpaceX Launches Load to ISS, Successfully Tests Falcon 9 Over Water
Where did this "floating barge" thing come from? They're landing it on the water right now so that it doesn't cause property damage if it fucks up. When they feel confident that it can stay under control and on target, they'll have touch down on land. A floating barge is a hell of a lot more difficult than dry land, with no advantages.

Comment: Re:MacBook Air 13 Inch (Score 1) 690

by Megane (#46793923) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Tech Products Were Built To Last?
The aluminum-era Powerbooks/MacBook Pros were awful for that. I had three of them, 1 PPC and 2 Intel. The DVD drive would become misaligned with the slot and you had to take it apart to get the disc to eject. Also, the latch to keep it closed wouldn't work, and the skin oils from my palms would etch pits in the top of it. The "unibody" case design was a major and overdue fix for all those problems. The only thing I miss is a matte screen option.

Comment: Re:Use Libre Office (Score 4, Interesting) 285

by Megane (#46781291) Attached to: Apache OpenOffice Reaches 100 Million Downloads. Now What?

The other day I needed to open a Visio document. I had created it a few months ago, before my old XP PC got refreshed with a Win 7 box. For some reason, while it still had Office 2007, it was missing Visio. Even worse, it wanted to open IE, which wanted to use an ActiveX viewer plugin... which proceeded to turn the line art into a bitmap when printing to PDF.

So I downloaded OO. No Visio for you! (This was actually the point at which I tried the ActiveX viewer.) Then I decided to check if Libre Office could handle it. Holy crap, yes, it opened it like a native document.

Then I made sure to save a PDF version of my document just in case someone else wanted to see it later.

The first version always gets thrown away.