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+ - Rackspace restored after DDOS takes out DNS->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "11-hour incident blocked traffic from reaching and some subdomains: Rackspace says it has recovered from a nasty distributed denial of service attack that it says may have seen âoea portion of legitimate traffic to our DNS infrastructure ⦠inadvertently blocked.""
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Comment: Re:yea no (Score 2) 48

by Megane (#48673197) Attached to: How Target's Mobile App Uses Location Tech To Track You

I was beginning to believe the Radio Shack mantra, until I wandered into my neighborhood store the other day. They had an impressive array of sensors and kits for stand-alone, Rasberry Pi, Basic Stamp and Arduino, as well as the aforementioned systems themselves. Also the LittleBits stuff, including the Korg synth.

They made some effort to get on the Maker bandwagon a few years ago. I think it's only now starting to pay off, where the geeks (like me) are discovering that they actually have some interesting stuff again. Sure, you'll pay a few bucks more than web-order, but you'll get it right away, even on a Sunday. But then again, there's a Fry's ten minutes from where I live, and just their components section alone puts RS to shame. Silly RS closed the two stores near me (one because the strip mall people wouldn't move their sign up into vacated spaces from stores that left), but kept the one across the street from Fry's.

Comment: Re:Patriotic to NOT watch it instead? (Score 1) 220

by Megane (#48668675) Attached to: Sony To Release the Interview Online Today; Apple Won't Play Ball

South Korea has already mentioned plans to take this film, put it on dvd, and float balloons across the border to incite rebellion in the population.

That's nice. Do they also plan to float DVD players across the border too, so it's not just a shiny drinks coaster?

Comment: Re:Get rid of Frames!!!! (Score 4, Informative) 168

by Megane (#48667717) Attached to: Human Eye's Oscillation Rate Determines Smooth Frame Rate
That's like saying laserdisc is digital "because it's got pits and non-pits". Except that the length of the pits and non-pits is very much analog. (It's a full-bandwidth FM signal driven to maximum overmodulation. VHS does a similar thing.) In other words, the digital-ness becomes analog if you look even closer.

+ - Amazon "Suppresses" book with too many hyphens

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Author Graeme Reynolds found his novel withdrawn from Amazon because of excessive use of hyphens. He received an email from Amazon about his werewolf novel, High Moor 2: Moonstruck, because a reader had complained that there were too many hyphens. “When they ran an automated spell check against the manuscript they found that over 100 words in the 90,000-word novel contained that dreaded little line,” he says. “This, apparently ‘significantly impacts the readability of your book’ and, as a result, ‘We have suppressed the book because of the combined impact to customers.’”"

Comment: Re:North Korea has proved something. (Score 1) 220

by Megane (#48634595) Attached to: Hackers' Shutdown of 'The Interview' Confirms Coding Is a Superpower

I wonder when businesses will stop trying to put band-aids on this problem and actually build a WAN between themselves that isn't the Internet, nor is connected to the Internet directly.

It won't happen unless they hire people who have a lot of clue and know how to make such things work. Which is apparently the exact opposite of what they have been doing.

Comment: Re:About Fucking Time (Score 1) 435

by Megane (#48621201) Attached to: In Breakthrough, US and Cuba To Resume Diplomatic Relations

Except that there aren't any "undocumented" Cubans. They just have to reach the beach and are automatically on a fast track to citizenship, with no need for Harry Reid to pander to them. A big reason for the embargo was that Fidel's Cuba basically seized the property of Cuban citizens who escaped to the US, and there are still a lot of expats and their descendants who aren't happy about basically having all their stuff stolen from them.

The undocumented from Mexico and south of there don't care about Cuba.

Comment: Re:improve the streets (Score 1) 596

by Megane (#48604331) Attached to: Waze Causing Anger Among LA Residents
Once the construction is done, all it takes is a few exploratory drivers with Waze turned on (such as locals going outside the neighborhood), and it will quickly learn that the roads are open again. Have you never had a problem with ants? This is how ants work, only they leave scent trails behind instead of needing an internet connection.

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