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Comment: Medical Horoscope: Sign of the Feted Barnacle (Score 1) 320

by Megan Woods (#49131143) Attached to: Use Astrology To Save Britain's Health System, Says MP
As you were born under the sign of the feted barnacle, today you will have doubts but tomorrow will be a new day and there will be a sense of resigned indifference before first coffee. Initially, as the sun moves into the burrow of the Aardvark you will be unable to find comfort but later a game of exploding kittens and fails videos on Youtube will cheer you up and your, cancer predicted in your previous medical horoscope, will be gone. Later in the week you will be standing beside someone on packed public transport, reach out to this person, but be prepared to duck as they may not like your advances.

Comment: Good ol CHEP, happy memories of logistics job. (Score 1) 250

by Megan Woods (#48649681) Attached to: The Magic of Pallets
In the early 1990's CHEP got very aggressive about tracking its palettes and you had to make sure you had some on site so if a truck (lorry) dropped a load off and there were CHEP palettes you had some more to put on the back of the load for the return trip or you needed to keep some transfer palettes to unload CHEP ones onto.
It was ok to a point but they were hard to keep track off, especially in a ad hoc logistics facility where old equipment was being stored.
Once upon a time you buy a slab (box of stubbies) of beer for about 4 CHEP palettes so you had to keep them under lock and key or they would go missing (on Fridays). Remember that these things are rented and we used to have conduct census. Occasionally one would get completely smashed and you would repair it enough so that it could be returned.
There was another company called LOSCAM, they had purple palettes and for a while you had to keep supply of those as well.
The CHEP Palette was a well built thing and could take 1000Kg easily, the white wood ones this article refers to were single use only, sucked royally and yea you could only enter them from two sides..

Comment: Between DST, JDK Date and Oracle DB's (Score 1) 613

by Megan Woods (#48290689) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Where Do You Stand on Daylight Saving Time?
Many countless hours dealing with time related stupidity especially when developers were originally obliged to use local time on the legacy system.

I think the whole concept of DST should be scrapped, and I think we should just all use UTC and have midday at whatever time that happens to be in UTC.

It would not take too long for the world to get used to it..

While we are at it, can all computing platforms standardise on the Unix timestamp in milliseconds please.

Comment: Its easy to be critical (Score 5, Insightful) 164

by Megan Woods (#47028629) Attached to: 30-Day Status Update On LibreSSL
The thing about OpenSSL et al is that everyone who used it had exactly the same opportunity to review the code and make a decision about its use.
What actually happened was that, for the most part, was that it was just used blindly as its the case with most cryptographic systems and API's.
Whatever the motivators for the OpenSSL group were, whatever the decisions that were made or not made, the simple fact of caveat emptor still applies.

Its good that LibreSSL is getting created, and thanks.. Seriously though, stop bashing the OpenSSL project, it is just as much the product of its community as its developers.

Comment: Booze busses etc (Score 1) 996

In Australia for fully licences drivers you can be no higher than .05 . It's ruthlessly enforced and all traffic police can stop you at any time for a random breath test.. They deploy booze and drug testing busses and I have seen them block a 3 lane freeway nicking 100s of motorists.. If you refuse to take the test you loose your licence on the spot. If you fail you loose your licence on the spot.. You can be jailed even if you don't cause an accident. I was the first group to have 00 BAC and its something I stick with even as a fully licenced driver.. To be honest your society will benefit from it..

+ - How Aussie Uni Creates World's Best Hackers->

Submitted by bennyboy64
bennyboy64 (1437419) writes "An Australian university appears to be excelling at cultivating some of Australia's best computer hackers. Following the University of NSW's students recently placing first, second and third in a hacking war game (the first place winners also won first place last year), The Sydney Morning Herald reports on what exactly about the NSW institution is breeding some of Australia's best hackers. It finds that a lecturer and mentor to the students with controversial views on responsible disclosure appears to the be the reason for their success."
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