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In Australia for fully licences drivers you can be no higher than .05 . It's ruthlessly enforced and all traffic police can stop you at any time for a random breath test.. They deploy booze and drug testing busses and I have seen them block a 3 lane freeway nicking 100s of motorists.. If you refuse to take the test you loose your licence on the spot. If you fail you loose your licence on the spot.. You can be jailed even if you don't cause an accident. I was the first group to have 00 BAC and its something I stick with even as a fully licenced driver.. To be honest your society will benefit from it..

+ - How Aussie Uni Creates World's Best Hackers->

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bennyboy64 (1437419) writes "An Australian university appears to be excelling at cultivating some of Australia's best computer hackers. Following the University of NSW's students recently placing first, second and third in a hacking war game (the first place winners also won first place last year), The Sydney Morning Herald reports on what exactly about the NSW institution is breeding some of Australia's best hackers. It finds that a lecturer and mentor to the students with controversial views on responsible disclosure appears to the be the reason for their success."
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