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Comment: Getting a kick out of these replies... (Score 5, Informative) 164

by Mefesto44 (#46918797) Attached to: Is Montana the Next Big Data Hub?
As the Network Administrator for the largest independent Primary Care facility in Montana I'm getting a kick out of these replies. Montana is awesome. Like, REALLY awesome if you enjoy the outdoors. I love to fish, snowmobile, hike, dirt bike, cruise the lakes and rivers, kayak, snowboard, camp.... this place is heaven on earth. However, be prepared to take a significant pay cut to live here. My current position pays me almost less than half of what my job would pull in major metropolitan areas. This fact alone is why a lot of people would never consider living here. Property taxes aren't cheap for homeowners and first time home buyers are in for a shock that the cheapest decent homes on the market in my area are selling for around $250,000 - $280,000. I moved here from Atlanta about 20 years ago and some of my friends are scoring 3,000 - 4,000 sqft homes under $200,000 that are REALLY nice. Combine the high cost of first time home ownership with low wages and you can see why it isn't very attractive to live here on paper. But, if I have to be honest, I LOVE it this way. It keeps the big open spaces open (for now), population centers aren't overcrowded, and our populace is generally very happy and content. Usually I enjoy telling people this place sucks so they don't even think of moving here.

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by Mefesto44 (#43843991) Attached to: My plans for summer ...
I love my job. I mean, I really love my job. Working in IT in the Healthcare industry is exactly where I wanted to be when I graduated from High School 14 years ago and my long arduous journey has finally landed me in the position that should take me all the way to retirement. With that being said, the stress from my position can sometimes be nearly overwhelming and my release from this aged-beast-with-many-heads can be found in motorized backcountry exploration. Most people think I'm strange since during the day I am fully in my nerd outfit, but on the weekends the greasy jeans and shop gloves come out as I break apart motorcycle engine cases and tear into clutches and lightweight dirt bike frames. Crossing creeks, climbing rock gnarled hills, breaking fingers and bruising hips... it's absolute heaven for me. And when the snow appears in the winter (I live in NW Montana), I tear off the wheels and put a ski and snowmobile track on my dirt bike and play for another six months. So every weekend I get out, with the blessing of my wife and child of course, and blow off steam in order to be fully charged for the week that lay ahead. IT staff and support that doesn't have a hobby are the worst people to work with come Monday morning. I come into the office reinvigorated, they come into the office ready for Friday already. And yes, I've felt reinvigorated in a cast before and probably will again sometime soon.

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