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Comment: Re:Key phrase (Score 1) 228

by MeepMeep (#45180289) Attached to: Carbon-Negative Energy Machines Catching On

Further down the journalist writes:

many energy sources in the developing world can cost 50 or 60 cents per kilowatt, a PowerPallet can do it for a dime

Which does not really add up with costing "less than $2 a watt", unless it should have said "a lot less" in which case $2 is just misleading. I would be interested to know which is true, though. The technology seems both interesting and useful.

another post cleared up the "less than $2 a watt" as being the initial machine cost

I suspect that the comparison in the developing world of "50 to 60 cents per kilowatt" is a typo, they probably meant "50 to 60 cents per kilowatt-hour" which is the cost of electricity. That the gasifier can do it for 10 cents per kWr is pretty amazing, I pay more than that...but I guess biomass\feedstock for the gasifer is probably super-cheap in the developing world

Comment: Re:posthumous (Score 4, Interesting) 30

by MeepMeep (#44195627) Attached to: Iain M. Banks Gets Asteroid Named After Him
Apparently, Mr. Galache tried to get it through as fast as possible but unfortunately Mr. Banks passed away too soon.

I hope Mr. Galache does not mind my reposting of his post from http://friends.banksophilia.com/guestbook :

J.L. Galache on July 2, 2013 at 2:06 am said:
Dear Iain,

We never met, and never will, but your words will remain with me forever. Well, until it’s my turn to turn the lights off. And let me be clear that it’s the Sci-Fi words I’ll keep, not the mainstream ones you used to subsidize them. I admit to not having read all your Sci-Fi novels, but I do have a day job, you know?

Speaking of which, my job as an astronomer at the Minor Planet Center allowed me the opportunity to propose that the International Astronomical Union name an asteroid after you. I really did try hard to get it through the bureaucracy as fast as possible, but alas the naming came a fortnight too late. As I say in my article, I’d like to think you would have been amused by this:


Dear Adele,

I hope you can accept this humble gift on Iain’s behalf. Even if he is ever forgotten (and he won’t be), his name will remain as that of asteroid Iainbanks, a 6.1 km hunk of rock orbiting our Sun between Mars and Jupiter every 3.94 years.

May it orbit forever.


—JL Galache
Minor Planet Center

Comment: Re:CoS is a cult ... (Score 3, Insightful) 205

Read your own news story.

They may have started the riots, but the first man to die was a monk slain by Muslims.

Retaliation is perfectly acceptable.

Pursing the specific killer\killers of the first monk might be acceptable.

Starting a riot and murdering dozens of people just because they happen to be Muslim is not acceptable. At least not to me.

Comment: Re:Solved? Not quite. (Score 4, Informative) 513

by MeepMeep (#42027301) Attached to: Dutch Cold Case Murder Solved After 8000 People Gave Their DNA

I know this is breaking the rules, but I've read TFA. The DNA sample was found on a lighter in the girl's bag next to her body.

Not just on the lighter

From TFA:
" ...cigarette lighter found in Vaatstra's bag which contains dna traces that match the traces found on the schoolgirl's body. "

Comment: Re:Hundreds? (Score 2) 212

by MeepMeep (#41706725) Attached to: Standard For Electric Car Charging Announced

How can there be 100's of different plug varieties when there areonly 10's of different elctric cars yet.

I think the 'hundreds of plug varieties' comment is hyperbole

Also, how can plug-design speed up charge time 24 times?

The plug design change added more pins (the DC ones) and those can be used to deliver more amps quickly

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