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Comment Re:ISIS is the bad guy? (Score 0, Troll) 312

Am I fully aware of the past crimes of the CIA? Oh, fuck yeah. Have I read Chomsky and shit? Yes. The neocons were full of it, and I was against all of these wars.

I like how you name drop Chomsky and the rest to try to make us think that you are on our side, so that maybe we won't see the rest of your bullshit.

But we do. Assad is a monster? Has Assad deliberately destabilized other countries, infiltrated their governments, spied on their people, interfered with their internal affairs, bombed innocent people without a declaration of war? Or is that someone else?

Comment Re:More important 3rd question ... (Score 2, Interesting) 546

The answer is a definitive YES. A country that spies on the entire world deserves to have its secrets spilled. There are no legitimate US intelligence programs. He shouldn't have encrypted anything: he should have dumped everything immediately to everyone.

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