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+ - Legality of font use?

Submitted by
Mctittles writes "I have come up with a use for fonts on a website that falls in the gray area of whether I can legally do this within the rights for font owners.
I am creating a web site community where people have a page that they can customize. Included in the customization options will be an option to upload custom fonts for their design. Once you have your page designed, you can share it with others as a template they can use in their own page. The only way the template would look correct is if the font they uploaded is connected to the template. People can choose to use all or just parts of a shared template on their page. So if they choose to use your template and you have uploaded a custom font then they can create or modify text with the font. The font cannot be downloaded back to a computer and can only be used on the web site. I do however see this leading to people creating pages that are not real content but only full of fonts so other people can grab their template and have new fonts to use. So, would this be legal to do as long as they cannot download the fonts to use elsewhere?
Oh and since this is in the beginning stages I'd rather not get into the technology behind how this works, I'm only concerned with the legal issues I might have to worry about."

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