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Comment: this was modded +5 insightful????? (Score 2, Informative) 180

by McVeigh (#26398547) Attached to: Another Attempt At Using the Courts To Suppress an Online Review

So much for the open minded people here.

FWIW I've had my back, ankles and knees helped by a good chiropractor. (sports injurys) There are many different schools of chiropractic care.
Pick the right one.
You wouldn't go to a neurosurgeon for a broken arm would you?

Comment: Re:Aeropress ----HELL YES, it's great (Score 1) 592

by McVeigh (#19156589) Attached to: What is Your Favorite Way to Make Coffee?
this is the simplest and best coffee maker I have found, all you need is some decent beans, not world class just good ones, and with the aeropress the water is in such short contact with the beans you get almost no bitterness. If you want some bitterness, just let it steep a little more,

it also impresses the ladies :)

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