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Comment: Welcome (Score 5, Informative) 115

by McLae (#47855653) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Robotics or Electronic Kits For Wounded Veterans?
The Texas Northern Model Railroad Club is always looking for new members.

Many of our members are veterans (Lots of fun stories there!)

I will donate a rail car kit to the first 5 veterans who come by for a visit and Asks for Thomas.

Our web site is: http://www.modelrailroadclub.o...

Meetings are Thursday nights.

Comment: Engine Driver and JMRI. (Score 1) 167

by McLae (#47791857) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Phone Apps?
JMRI and Engine driver are niche programs and apps, for Model Railroaders. I use both several times a week. Fantastic job of updating with new decoder definitions, new features, and tie-ins to various manufacturers. If you are looking for a project to show you the way to excellence, this is the one. All open source, too!

Comment: This was the best... (Score 2) 252

by McLae (#47642035) Attached to: <em>Babylon 5</em> May Finally Get a Big-Screen Debut
This was the best series on TV. And best of all, of you watch on DVD, you see the hints and snippets that point to later plot threads. I cannot count the many times I realized the current plot started 3 episodes ago, but now is the main action. And best of all, this was the first series to kill off 'major' characters, after three of four episodes to get you familiar with the poor lamb. Now common, this was the first with the guts to start. Oh, and the strong women (I found my own Ivanova!!)

Comment: A call to arms! (Score 4, Interesting) 144

by McLae (#47161967) Attached to: FCC Website Hobbled By Comment Trolls Incited By Comedian John Oliver
If any site deserved the "Slashdot effect", this is it!

I just left a comment. The number 2 issue with comments had about 200 of so. This issue has 45k and rising. Lets tack another digit in the end!

Thoughtful, reasoned, and on point. Let see if we can make a difference.

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