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Submission + - CRTC is Bell puppet

McGiraf writes: Last year, Bell Canada started throttling wholesale customer ISPs without telling them, ensuring that these smaller operators couldn't offer an un-throttled connection to consumers that was better than Bell's throttled Sympatico service. As their back up plan against competitors in case regulators stopped them, Bell Canada started devising a usage-based billing (UBB) system smaller Canadian carriers worried could drive them out of business.

The CRTC continued this trend by today approving Bell's UBB plans. CRTC employees like vice-chairman Leonard Katz, who spent 17 years working for Rogers and 11 for Bell, aren't concerned...for some strange reason.

Submission + - Electronic Voting poll

McGiraf writes: Are you in favor of electronic voting?

CowboyNeal can use my vote.

Now the trick: All votes should be counted as Yes whatever the choice was.

Submission + - A poll

McGiraf writes: "What is your most frequent complaint about polls?

- too many options
- no breast option
- no cowboy neal option"

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