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Comment: Works both ways (Score 3, Interesting) 255

by dissy (#49601443) Attached to: Native Hawaiian Panel Withdraws Support For World's Largest Telescope

If that is acceptable, what about my claim that science is my religion, and the native Hawaiins are desecrating what I declare as holy land? Will they be forced to stop doing so too?

Probably not, which is why we shouldn't allow them to stop us for this reason just the same.

Comment: Re:She has a point. (Score 1) 563

by dissy (#49601397) Attached to: My High School CS Homework Is the Centerfold

The Lena Rossi image is famous, but tossing it into a CS class with a bunch of eighteen-year-old men is just asking for a hostile work environment for any women in the class.

So what are you saying exactly?
That any classroom that has a woman's face in it is a hostile work environment?
That the only way to treat women as equals is to force women to wear masks over their faces? Or do you feel women should flat out be excluded from being in a classroom to prevent this hostile working environment?

You do know you can get your wish just by moving to a country more in line with your morals, like a Muslim school that forces women to cover their faces by law.
You don't need to turn America into what you want. What you want is out there already, just go get it.

Comment: Re:Most electric cars are powered by burning coal (Score 1) 278

by fnj (#49587495) Attached to: New Study Suggests Flying Is Greener Than Driving

Electric traction motors are far more efficient than ICEs. That's why diesel locomotives don't actually connect the diesel engine to the wheels.

You are high. The diesel engine turns fuel into mechanical energy. If you change that mechanical energy into electricity and then back into mechanical energy, there is no way that could give you more efficiency than a simple mechanical transmission (which is typically well over 90% efficient). The reason for the electric transmission is flexibility. It does away with a big honking clutch and a multi-speed gearbox and gives you very smooth transition from standstill to forward motion.

Comment: Re:Masstransit is more energy efficient than perso (Score 1) 278

by fnj (#49587273) Attached to: New Study Suggests Flying Is Greener Than Driving

Any combustion engine running at surface conditions can do maybe 20 - 30% efficiency tops.

Better than that. There are internal combustion engines which reach 50% at sea level. The Wartsila-Sulzer RTA96-C 108,920 hp marine diesel exceeds 50%. Heck, even the TDI diesel engine in my 1999 Golf tops out at very close to 40%. The LM-2500+ gas turbine, a derivative of the CF6 which powers some 747s, adapted for shaft output, is over 39%.

+ - Leggo store detains 11-year old boy for shopping alone

Submitted by darkonc
darkonc writes: An 11 year old goes into a Leggo store in Calgary, Alberta (Canada) with $200 in hard earned cash ... and doesn't come out. When his father comes to the store to meet him for lunch, he finds his son 'detained' by the store manager and a security guard — for shopping alone. Apparently, Leggo stores have a policy of apprehending young children who shop without their parents.

Comment: Re:Why such crap? (Score 1) 262

by dissy (#49581261) Attached to: Crashing iPad App Grounds Dozens of American Airline Flights

yes, a netbook running a locked down version of linux, with NO update ability, signed binaries and (to be even more sure) put the os in ROM. require some kind of key to do any writes at all to it. have dual sections of rom for redundancy and crc check them; if one is bad, switch to the other.

OK, lets pretend that exact configuration is used.

Now the airline manually signs and offline installs the updated manuals, resulting in the same exact breakage you see here, and in the same situation.

Your solution just resulted in the grounding of the aircraft.
Except your solution will take much much longer to install the fixed data back.

The only real difference is now it is you personally and Linux that will unfairly and incorrectly get the blame instead of Apple.

Comment: Re:Why such crap? (Score 1) 262

by dissy (#49581235) Attached to: Crashing iPad App Grounds Dozens of American Airline Flights

Why would anyone use cheap crap such as an iPad in a professional passenger airplane? How stupid is that?

For the same reason, and just as stupid, as using any other tablet such as Android or Surface, or even the original paper books.

In other words, your solution (which ever one it may be) has the exact same problem as iPad, so is a broken stupid solution.

Yes even paper. If I ripped the pages out of the paper manual and replaced them with chewing gum and hardcore porn (aka a fight club styled update), the situation would remain the same and the plane just as grounded as now.

Either beef up your trollskill some, or learn how to computer. You failed miserably at both.

Comment: Re:Cool world (Score 4, Informative) 216

by dissy (#49571197) Attached to: US Successfully Tests Self-Steering Bullets

This instantly reminded me of an 80's movie called Runaway with Tom Selleck, who is a part of a special task force to hunt down and destroy malfunctioning "runaway" robots.

Their handguns could lock on a target and program the bullets just before firing to stay on their target, although they looked more like miniature rocket based missiles with their own tiny engines and guidance fins.

I remember a number of the larger scenes giving a bullet-point-of-view type thing as the target goes running away and try to evade the shots by going around corners and obstacles, even purposely missing other people, before embedding into their target and exploding.

The above link has a picture of the bullet from this movie, and even goes on about a real prototype from Sandia National Laboratories back in 2012

I wonder how much these two groups worked together on these.

Comment: Re:File manager without file, edit, view.. (Score 1) 440

by fnj (#49566533) Attached to: Debian 8 Jessie Released

Bullshit. They are HIDDEN. A menu bar that says "File", "Edit", and "View" in plain English or $LOCALIZED_LANGUAGE_OF_CHOICE is not hidden. Something that can only be accessed by knowing a secret location, or by finding a cryptic symbol and determining its purpose, is hidden.

SAA/CUA did not happen, and take over everywhere that mattered, because it was the product of a bunch of masturbating monkeys. It was the end product of research and insight of genuine experts in human interface, including Apple's HIG, and ultimately the innovators behind Xerox Star.

Comment: Re:WTF? It's Methanol (Score 1) 480

by fnj (#49566487) Attached to: Audi Creates "Fuel of the Future" Using Just Carbon Dioxide and Water

CO2 + H2O doesn't only make methanol. It makes hydrocarbon. Via various chemical processes, you can end up with whatever form(s) of hydrocarbon you want. Diesel fuel is good because (1) it is a very efficient and convenient energy storage medium and (2) a vast infrastructure of vehicles already use it. Methanol is an inefficient energy storage medium - quite apart from its toxicity.

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