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Comment Re: Sorry, but Apple still deserves most of the cr (Score 5, Insightful) 328

Intuitive? Are you kidding? Working on OSX is like being in your garage under your car, working, only, you have an obsessive compulsive wife, and every time you set a tool on the concrete in arms reach, she immediately puts it on the shelf because everything must look pretty, at all times.

I have never hated working with an operating system the way I hate OSX. It has literally brought me within inches of quitting my job in frustration on numerous occassions. It is beyond "bad", it is downright hostile.

Comment Re:So it's not unlimited, then... (Score 1) 300

Making the "Umlimited" plan only actually 100GB (before you get throttled like everybody else who goes over their limit; TMoUS never actually kills your data connection) would be pretty reasonable, I think

You know what would be more reasonable than making your Unlimited plan only actually 100GB?

Making your 100GB plan only actually 100GB, followed by one of either making your unlimited plan unlimited, or making your unlimited plan non-existent.

Comment Re: Mach messages vs sysv messeges (Score 1) 157

I would be pretty confident that shared memory using atomic compare/exchange for notification and pickup would be the fastest on any hardware/software architecture. Definitely faster than Mach messages I would assume. Rather primitive, though. I would benchmark both named pipes and unix domain sockets as well, because they are architecturally nice.

Comment Re:Their work is being wasted. (Score 0) 138

Has it FIPS and Common Criteria testing? RedHat 6.x have, 7.x have not.

Red Hat 6.0 Hedwig was a 1999 release. Red Hat 7.0 Guinness was a 2000 release. I well remember buying them each shrink wrapped from a big box store, complete with voluminous paper manuals.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0 Santiago was 2010, and RHEL 7.0 Maipo was 2014. I assume these are what you are referring to. If you are referring to RHEL, always call it that; Red Hat Enterprise Linux, or RHEL for short. Talking about a Red Hat version is talking about old history before the split into Fedora and RHEL.

I have done a lot of work with RHEL 6 and I highly respect it. I don't regard RHEL 7 as worth a bucket of warm spit in comparison due to some shitty decisions, notably the adoption of GNOME 3 and systemd.

Comment Re:You're looking in the wrong direction (Score 2) 394

Take a deep breath, accept that you don't know everything and then go here and read about LENR/cold fusion which is about to change the world:
Or just google it...

You can, if you want, allow yourself to be wowed by "man behind the curtain" fraud, but I've got better things to do. At least conventional fusion relies only on well-enunciated and well-accepted physics, something which cannot be said for the E-Cat. If Rossi actually possessed anything beyond ego and selfishness, he would have published and cooperated freely with the scientific community. If he possessed anything which anyone who matters considered worth anything, someone would have stolen his "secret" by now and it would actually be released in service to an energy-thirsty world.

Comment Re: Mission accomplished (Score 2, Insightful) 394

When the snow is falling, stand the panels up to minimize the amount that sticks to the surface. When the storm is over or abating, apply heat to the panel surface to melt the residue.

Have you analyzed how much energy you will expend to melt the snow, relative to the time rate of electric energy produced by the panel? Nice powder snow falls are not a big problem, but freezing rain, rime ice accretions, and slop which then freezes solid when the temperature falls prior to your heat application are all conditions a lot of us live with every winter.

The complication and expense of providing the distributed electric-resistance or other type of heating equipment, not to mention the machinery to tilt the panels 90 degrees, would be substantial. And the machinery would have to operate under extremely unfavorable conditions of icing.

I don't suggest these measures cannot be taken, but I do suggest they might have a serious effect on overall cost (initial capital, maintenance, and energy consumption) -to-production performance.

Comment Re:When The Lunatics Take Over The Asylum (Score 3, Insightful) 453

So the conditions are fake and the drugs don't work??

I'm curious.... how would you know if the drugs were working?

It's pretty simple.

Step 1) You remove her from all electromagnetic fields and see if her symptoms change.
Step 2) You put her back in electromagnetic fields and provide her with drugs in two different periods (One using real drugs, one using placebos) and see if her symptoms change accordingly.

Since no one even bothered with step 1 according to the article (There is still sunlight in that remote area she is living in so she is still exposed to EM fields much stronger than we can produce on earth) and they refuse step 2 outright, we can conclude she has no sensitivity to EM since clearly her symptoms change while still being influenced by the same fields the entire time.

She basically claimed similar to "I experience pain while living in a house with a front door, so I moved into another house without a front door (She says while standing in the front doorway) and my pain went away! Clearly removing the front door that I didn't remove means the door was the cause of my pain"

In that made up example we have the same evidence: The claimed cause of her problem was present in both cases so should have the exact same symptoms, yet her symptoms do change, so clearly the cause is something else.

Comment Re:Might want to read the fine print... (Score 3, Informative) 165

At Chernobyl, there were many firefighters within meters of an exposed critical core, resulting in a large toll from acute radiation sickness.

For some definition of "large". There were a total of 28 acute radiation exposure deaths, most of them emergency personnel on the premises and emergency responders from outside, at Chernobyl. To put that in perspective, there were 414 deaths of emergency responders at the World Trade Center when 4 assholes crashed two planes into the twin towers.

The following is definitely nitpicking. I rather doubt the Chernobyl core was still critical when most of those people were exposed. Criticality probably terminated promptly at the moment of explosion.

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