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Comment: Re:Shadowbane (Score 1) 480

by MazzThePianoman (#31232564) Attached to: Why Are There No Popular <em>Ultima Online</em>-Like MMOs?
I have to agree. I played Shadowbane and despite how buggy it was it was the best MMO experience I ever had. It encouraged active role-playing and political intrigue. The bugs could of been solved if they used an existing engine and not trying to write one themselves for the first time. As far as group/faction/alliance balance I believe if the mod were more active on the server with events, appearances of gods, etc. They could help equalize things. Sadly the game was closed down as Wolfpack Studios was bought out.

Comment: Avoid Globat (Score 1) 456

by MazzThePianoman (#31225170) Attached to: Things To Look For In a Web Hosting Company?
From experience I have learned even a great webhost can go downhill quickly. I was orignally with Globat for a number of years without issues then they started doing things like signing you up for addons that charged you more money if you did not opt out. Their customer support was worthless and barely could speak english. The worst was when I tried to cancel my subscription. They had a dedicated cancellation phone line only open for certain hours and when I called on three occations it was not staffed! After calling and letting it ring for half an hour someone finally picked up but by then my auto-renew charged me for another month. After two months of them saying I would get a refund I called my credit card and had them issue a charge back. For a few years now I have been with Hostgator but I have also heard good things about Bluehost as well.

Comment: 3G phone without 3G? (Score 1) 311

by MazzThePianoman (#31051072) Attached to: Google's Nexus One, a Steal At $49 Unlocked? If you are happy with 2-3 times the speed of dialup then go for it. T-Mobile only has 3G in a few select large cities. Cripples the phone in my opinion. Even AT&T has much much better 3G coverage. And Verizon throws Rev-A (3G) on all their towers which is why they have been winning the "map wars" recently.

Comment: Re:You are asking the wrong question. (Score 2, Informative) 564

by MazzThePianoman (#28588255) Attached to: RAID Trust Issues &mdash; Windows Or a Cheap Controller?

Having run RAID quite a bit myself one must remember having all your drives in one box is always an invitation for trouble since hardware failures on a higher order will likely hit all the drives.

If you want to do online backup get DSL instead of cable internet for the faster upload bandwidth.

Get a backup service with versioning. That way if you or a virus delete something it just doesn't sync the deletion to your backup.

I personally use JungleDisk which uses Amazon S3 storage. You can set the versioning controls and you only pay for the storage/bandwidth you use. My bill averages about $2/mo for several gigs.

Comment: Maybe they are going after BB instead of Apple (Score 1) 247

by MazzThePianoman (#28058869) Attached to: Palm Kills Community Before It Begins
While the number of applications available for Blackberry has been growing their success was not because of the number of applications but the quality of the core system, phone/email/web etc. Instead of going after Apple and their app store Palm might rather be wanting to specialize, like Blackberry did, to refine, and dominate the business user market with good core functionality.

Comment: Monoprice has been good for me (Score 1) 837

by MazzThePianoman (#27730543) Attached to: Handmade vs. Commercially Produced Ethernet Cables
I have been getting both ethernet and audio cables at . They are dirt cheap but also have been better quality than cables 10 times as expensive in box stores. I would recommend buying instead of making just for the fact that somebody might break one and blame you instead of their own abuse.
PC Games (Games)

+ - Help finish Starflight Sequel & save the Unive

Submitted by durval
durval (233404) writes "Starflight Lost Colony, a valiant effort to produce a worthy sequel to the great old-time games Starflight I and II has stalled when it's almost finished. Even a beta has been launched. The sole remaining developer, unable to finish it by himself, has open-sourced the game and is asking for help from experienced C++ programmers to help get it done. So, are you good enough to help get Starflight LOC out of the door?"

+ - Msn and weightage to Html validation->

Submitted by
mike writes "According to Msn webmasters blog they have given weightage to the xhtml and the 508 compilance for seo purpose also. According to the blog : "Generally these guidelines are all good design principals and they generally align directly to best practices in SEO. IE and Firefox also help enable many of these scenarios on your behalf, so the more you can do to use HTML semantically, and comply with industry best practices the better." and the post of this page clears that they really want you to make sure that your html is correct As they simply point out "Write good HTML — as you write content, make sure that you are using HMTL tags appropriately, so that search engines can more easily understand your content. For example, make sure your important keywords show up in title tags, header tags and anchor text. And put descriptive text in the alt tags on your images." So it is advised that you should take better consideration for html and css validation if you want to rank better in msn."
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