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Comment: Re:This is news? (Score 1) 305

by Mazin07 (#29758049) Attached to: Road To Riches Doesn't Run Through the App Store

Sounds a bit like Google Sky for Android: You just hold the phone up against the night sky, and it labels the stars in the sky based on your location (via GPS!) and time (sync'd with the cell network). Should you need to find something, the screen will tell you which way to turn.

Comment: Re:And was never heard from again. . . (Score 1) 648

by Mazin07 (#28259621) Attached to: 11-Year-Old Graduates With Degree In Astrophysics

Or maybe you didn't have the gift of exploiting your "giftedness". Some people start a business or invent things or go into research. Maybe it's not that the world didn't know what to do with gifted people, but that these "gifted" people didn't figure out what to do with themselves.

Or blame the world. I'm sure that falls under some high-brow philosophical school of thinking.

Comment: Re:overwritten once CAN be recovered (Score 1) 780

by Mazin07 (#27966427) Attached to: Hacker Destroys, Along With Its Backups

That can be a dangerous way of thinking. Suppose that several years ago, you designed a system that relied on the MD5 algorithm for life-critical security on several fronts. After all, since there were no techniques at the time to compromise MD5, you didn't believe it could be done so it was perfectly safe.

Fast forward to 2005. MD5 is broken. Updating your system to use SHA1 is either impossible or would take far too long. Hackers exploit your high-profile system. Santa Claus falls down your chimney.

Comment: Re:Potatoes and patents (Score 1) 395

by Mazin07 (#27722537) Attached to: Music Copyright In EU Extended To 70 Years
It's because that we expect that anybody can create new artistic works, so if a particular song you want is under copyright, then you can always create a new one. On the other hand, patents can be critical to industrial and technological progress, and nobody would tell you to simply make your own transistor to work around the original patent. When artistic copyrights start severely holding society back, then this will change. Until then, when was the last time society was severely hurt by a work being under copyright? This isn't an issue of entitlement because nobody will ever agree who's entitled to earn what.

Comment: Re:We haven't seen an outbreak yet (Score 1) 53

by Mazin07 (#27471787) Attached to: Pinning Down the Spread of Cell Phone Viruses
You'd be surprised at how much you can do in a tiny amount of memory, and even cheap cellphones have a relatively huge amount of memory. Virus writers who know enough to exploit cellphones could code rings around your average cellphone app programmer. Just take a moment and compare your average cellphone's processing power to nineties-era computers and you'll see that memory-usage is the last thing a cellphone-virus writer needs to worry about.

Comment: Re:Yeah but... (Score 1) 268

by Mazin07 (#24412327) Attached to: Workings of Ancient Calculating Device Deciphered
Congratulations for first post consistency.

Before it's repeated...

"It was designed by the famous Roman programmer Linicus Torivicus."

"Netcraft confirms it... Antikythera Mechanisms are dying!"

"Somewhat hard, given that it predates Beowulf by at least 600 years."

"Correct. Back then, they were called Hydra clusters, for obvious reasons."

"The Antikythera mechanism is *not* user friendly, and until it is Antikythera will stay with >1% marketshare..."

+ - MIT Dean Uses Fake Resume For 28 Years

Submitted by
Nick_Allain writes " reports that MIT's Marilee Jones resigned "after acknowledging that she fabricated her academic credentials. Jones's fall from grace is full of irony. She made it her life's mission, speaking at schools and conferences around the country, to combat the rising admissions frenzy, telling high school students and their parents that it is more important to be happy than to get into the most famous college or to have the perfect resume". Her resume was a near complete fabrication: "Massachusetts Institute of Technology officials said yesterday, Jones said she had degrees from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Union College, and Albany Medical College, all in New York State. She does not have a degree from any of them"."

Multiple Desktop Users on a Single Machine? 106

Posted by Cliff
from the multiple-heads-why-not-multiple-consoles dept.
_Sharp'r_ asks: "I'm trying to design the least expensive way to make OpenOffice, email, and a web browser available to students in a new charter elementary school. In my past experience working with charitable computer donations, I can usually get three to four working computers out of five donated 'broken' computer systems, usually with plenty of monitors, keyboards and mice left over. I'd like to use one computer for multiple students by attaching multiple monitors, USB keyboards and mice. What drivers/OS versions support multiple local input devices and monitors that can be attached to a specific login session? Will this require virtualization? Is there a config I haven't found that you can use to assign these devices to specific ttys? Have you done this before?"

"It ain't so much the things we don't know that get us in trouble. It's the things we know that ain't so." -- Artemus Ward aka Charles Farrar Brown