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Comment Re:Putin's tool (Score 1) 206

The far more apt comparison would be of Beria (responsible for millions dead) vs. McCarthy (responsible for dozens laid off). Quantity transcending into quality and all that...

The population of GULAG was never above two million: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/... , while US prisons right now contain more than two million inmates: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

I am not defending GULAG, it was certainly terrible. I just wanted to point that the scale, a quantity, was not that exceptional.

Comment Re:It is impossible (Score 1) 110

Right. At least running on a trail among trees in light freshly washed clothing one may hope for a relative privacy of a conversation.

A privacy in an office or an apartment is out of the question already. These things are unimaginably small. And it is not only a government who may use it.

Comment It is impossible (Score 2) 110

The modern political system is based on surveillance. Actually it is the surveillance. Read "Code Book" by Simon Singh, ISBN 1-85702-889-9. All modern state history is basically the history of surveillance.

More than that, in future not just communication devices will be used for surveillance, but any device, a photo-camera, a mixer, TV-set, etc. It is happening already now.

But every cloud has a silver lining, - if you need a private conversation, - put on a light t-shirt and shorts, no watch, not smartphone, no MP3-player, not even a pen, and go with your partner to a park, to a beach, etc. for a private conversation. It would be good not only for privacy, but for heath too. And for environment.

I envision in future important business meeting outdoors while running, or swimming, or just walking. It is the only way to achieve a relative privacy, - an unpredictable outdoor location with no electronic devices around.

Comment Change (Score 1) 535

Car industry is stagnating. Cars all look about the same, as a turned upside down enameled pot, so boring.

Why should we pay hundreds or thousands to repair a slight scratch or dent? Why there is no sound alarm when one drives faster than allowed by a law of a land?

Comment Re:"Drone Operator", "Drone Monkey"...Pilot? (Score 1) 29

A modern manned aircraft is a flying computer too. It may fly without a pilot if necessary. A pilot is needed so far however for legal purposes and to make passengers comfortable.

But as happened recently in Europe a pilot of a manned plane was a problem.

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