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Comment: Re:Finlandization is moral debasement (Score 1) 138

I do not want leave an impression that I am trying to bash the USA. Far from that. There are similar problems with border crossings everywhere. Take Mediterranean Sea, or the English Channel, etc.

A lot of human tragedies are going on there right now. But they will not attract so much attention as the Berlin Wall crossings' tragedies.

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Most US prisoners are for drug crimes.

I heard on the radio that there is a racial issue in this problem too.

But I do not know exact statistics about the reasons why people are in prisons. And it was not my point.

What I wanted to say is that by pure political reasons some figures are given much more importance than the others.

For instance, 136 people died while crossing Berlin Wall, we all know it. And I regret it, certainly. Even one was one too many.

But hundreds of people die each year on the Mexican-US border. And nobody even know about it. And does not want to know. I regret it too. And I hope that it will change.

But again it was not my point. I am talking about political influence on historical science.

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Historical claims related to the Soviet Union or Russia are often exaggerated or blown out of proportion.

Another example of this phenomena, in addition to the one, which I mentioned in my previous post, - the Tsar Ivan the Terrible executed during his reign of half a century less people than were executed during the St. Bartholomew's Day(!) massacre. Still he is called the Terrible, but not Catherine de' Medici or the King Charles IX.

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...national suicide really was what the USSR about for its constituent peoples...

The highest number of prisoners in the Soviet Union's GULAG was less than 2 million

In the USA nowadays there are 2.5 million prisoners

Even one political prisoner or an innocent person in prison is too much. But I just wanted to say that USSR's prisons were not like on Star Wars scale, not the largest in the world.

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by Max_W (#47832591) Attached to: The Frustrations of Supporting Users In Remote Offices

... it is just not realistic to learn another language to be able to support them ...

It is quite common in Europe to speak two or three languages fluently. If there are 2 - 3 engineers who speak 2 - 3 languages fluently then most of the major languages are covered.

By the way, it is often just a stereotype that all people are drunk here or there. Brazil economy grew 2.5% in 2013, it is certainly achieved by hard working people.

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by Max_W (#47824115) Attached to: The Frustrations of Supporting Users In Remote Offices
Then at least she could avoid blaming a carnival, and concentrate more on her linguistic skills. Or hiring Portuguese speaking engineers instead of non technical interpreters to run a computer system in Brazil.

Many people around the world speak English at different levels. Sometimes it is just Globish or an Airport English. But Brazil is an enormous country where people do speak Portuguese. No way around it.

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by Max_W (#47499441) Attached to: Snowden Seeks To Develop Anti-Surveillance Technologies
Privacy is about getting out. Put on light t-shirt, thin-sole running shoes, light shorts and go with your partner to a park, a stadium, etc.

Or go to a beach for a swim.

Have a meaningful private conversation while running, walking or swimming. Speak in a calm quiet voice, not louder than necessary.

So getting out is good not only for health, but for privacy too. Besides, it is much safer to run together or to walk together.

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