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Comment Airmanship (Score 1) 1151 1151

I am a quadrocopter builder and pilot myself. I would agree that it is wrong to fly a quad above people, houses or cars.

An experienced pilot usually can plan a flight in a safe way.

One of the most efficient security measures is flying early in the morning, just when sun begins to rise (at about 6 o'clock). There are less people around, and rising sun makes aerial images better.

Comment Re:WHO World Health Organisation data (Score 1) 102 102

Cars are moving in 2D, UAVs - in 3D, so the risk of crossing, i.e. an accident, is times less. Besides, it is much easier to create a collision avoidance system in 3D.

Significant part of cars are transporting paper documents and light parcels in a city. UAVs can do it much faster and with less energy consumption, freeing roads by this.

What I meant is that cars with 400 horse powers and speed of 300 km/h, does not cause any concern, but light commercial UAVs do. Probably, military drones give a bad image to all UAVs, unfortunately.

Comment WHO World Health Organisation data (Score 1) 102 102
Nearly 3 400 people die on the world's roads every day, it means more than a million per year. Tens of millions of people are injured or disabled every year.

How many people are injured by the civil drones? One or two per year, if any? Still commercial drones can in perspective free roads in a city by carrying urgent documents and parcels, instead of delivering by cars.

Comment World Health Organization Traffic Accidents Data (Score 1) 216 216

About 1.24 million people die each year on the world's roads and between 20 and 50 million sustain non-fatal injuries.

If we compare injuries from consumer recreational drones with cars' accidents, tens of millions of them each year, the figure would be miniscule, almost nonexistent.

Comment It is not about petty criminals (Score 1) 174 174

Events like the one in France in 1789, or in Russia in 1917, etc. happen from time to time. And sociologists still do not know why. There are several conflicting theories, but nobody knows why exactly, and how to prevent it. Louis XVI, the king of France, even wrote in his diary on July 14, 1789: "Rien", what means in English "Nothing". And the storming of Bastille came from the blue sky on this very day.

Such events bring countless tragedies to millions or even billions. And it is all about trying to understand nature of such events, what causes them, and how to avoid, or at least mitgate them.

Comment Wiretapism (Score 1) 24 24

Every state is based on the wiretapping. All humanity history is the history of wiretaps.

Read book "The Code Book. The secret history of codes and code-breaking" by Simon Singh, ISBN 1-85702-889-9 (no affiliation).

Practically any historical event has got a wiretapping background. This is what states do.

Comment Fear of the past (Score 3, Insightful) 136 136

I read that US is afraid that the Nazism (or National Socialism) will again return to the Western Europe and the Communism (or the USSR) to the Eastern Europe, and that is why it has to watch the European leaders carefully.

On the other hand, if we must follow this absurd logic, we could be afraid that the USA will bring back the Slavery into the world. Were not ancient democratic Greece and democratic Rome based on slavery after all? Were not Slavery rampant in the USA still in 19th century?

In my opinion, it is not possible to enter into the same river twice. And it would be much better to worry about the real problems, - the global pollution, mass unemployment, the life extinction on the planet, etc. But not the ridiculous ghosts of the past.

Comment Re:15 years in the embassy (Score 1) 262 262

This case is kind of returning to medieval practice of keeping people in dungeons. And it is not in obscure remote parts, but in one of the cultural capitals of humanity, in the spotlight of the international media.

A tiny reliably fenced yard or a garden adjacent to the building where Julian could walk once a day is all that is needed. I do not believe that it is a unsolvable issue for the city of London municipal government.

People do need outdoors exercise. It is vital for the biology and clear to anyone. He will get seriously ill otherwise before long.

Comment Re:15 years in the embassy (Score 1) 262 262

If he chooses to do this then it is his call. But meanwhile he is sitting year after year in a tiny room of an embassy where he had demanded and got an asylum.

De facto and de jure he is in this embassy room 24/7. Since he is a human I feel there should be still some minimum dwelling standard. I is not difficult for the city of London to arrange it. I do not suggest a park, but a small yard or a garden near the embassy is quite doable.

Comment Re:15 years in the embassy (Score 1) 262 262

I do not argue about legal and political paradoxes of the case. What I wanted to tell is that it is not fair to compare the immense building of the US embassy in Budapest and a tiny apartment of the Ecuador embassy in London.

If Julian is to spend more years in the Ecuador embassy, I would suggest that the London municipal council adds a small fenced yard to the embassy premises, so that he could walk outdoors for an hour or so.

It is harmful to our common human dignity that a man cannot have a possibility to walk outdoors. Even in the notorious Alcatraz prison there was a yard for outdoors time.

Comment Re:is there a simple android edit/add client? (Score 3, Informative) 25 25

The best OpenStreetMap editor in my opinion is JOSM . I think it is not only the best mapping application, but one of the best computer program in existence.

I know that many people use Vespucci on Android for mapping. I personally worked a lot with the OsmPad for collecting addresses during on the ground survey.

I work with many computer maps. The OSM is one of the best, if not the best.

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