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Comment Re: Obama's space policy (Score 1) 89

It is absolutely possible. Any moment. Have a look at this:

It was a relatively small meteor, but bigger asteroids repeatedly hit the Earth, and it will happen again. There is no doubt of it, the question is when.

Plants do not need oxygen at all, it is even poisonous for them in a way. In principle, they may turn a planet without oxygen into a habitable planet. But this technology does not exist yet.

Comment Prison vs. embassy (Score 1) 321

+ In a prison he will walk outdoors every day for an hour.

- In a prison he will have to eat a food and medications which are given to him. So there could be significant personality changes for a ridiculisation.

+ In the embassy he has got the Internet access.

- No outdoors walks whatsoever in the embassy. And it is very hard.

Comment Re:What could go wrong (Score 1) 405

In the beginning the rails were made toothed, as cogwheels. How could a train drive on even rails? It will just skid, right?

Or if a patient has got a high temperature, just put her into the bath with cold water and temperature will drop. Seems to be easy but it does not work this way.

Common sense logic is not good enough, mathematics, testing, science are required.

Comment Re:Spoiling space (Score 1) 178

Such huge towers with rotating pharaonic blades to air-condition ten thousand square meters private houses dwarfs the RC hobby both in energy scale and in the danger for manned aircraft.

Modern architecture makes it possible to construct a comfortable house where only about a hundred square meters are air-conditioned (heated) and the rest are open areas, patio, etc.

If it was enforced with the law we could keep the air space as it was created. It could be continued to be enjoyed by birds, aviators, hobbyists, etc. and not encumbered with such ugly technical structures.

But due to psychological projection it is hard to change anything. Psychological projection, also known as blame shifting, is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against their own unpleasant impulses by denying their existence while attributing them to others.

Comment Spoiling space (Score 1) 178

They forbid flying RC models with tiny propellers and instead install such monsters. There is more than enough generating capacity for decades to come, if we start producing electricity by saving it.

It could be further LED lamps research & development, limiting air-conditioned and heated areas in houses by the law, limiting weight of the cars, etc. We spoil our space for living by these ugly generators so that lazy people may continue to over-eat in luxury.

Comment Eurasia project (Score 1) 107

In my opinion, an alliance between Russia, Iran, China, India, Vietnam, etc. will define the future. Iran is the ancient civilization. Many concepts and inventions, which we use daily nowadays, were created by the human genius in the ancient Persia.

In comparison, the EU project, or even the US project, have got a serious weakness, - littleness. Eurasia has got 54 million square kilometers of territory, 5 billion population

Firstly a modern railway network connecting the whole Eurasia, Americas, Africa should be built. Thousands of tunnels, bridges, etc. It will be the work for millions. But for this there should be a leadership in the world. The problem with current leadership is again - the littleness.

I think it is a good idea to cooperate with Iran in space and in other domains.

Comment UAVs are no good for military purposes (Score 1) 141

For fighting savages - maybe. But in a conflict with peers or near-peers the UAV technology would fail massively due to the radio-link inherent vulnerability.

Jamming, GPS spoofing, break-ins, etc. are real.

Besides, military drones create a really bad nefarious image for civil drones too. And by this causing a great harm to the world economy, as the UAV (RPAS) is promising and realistic technology in many domains of civil industry.

Comment Re:Mismanagement on a planetary scale (Score 1) 875

"Great USA" returns from... what exactly? Red scare 50's? Vietnam nuke-testing 60's (although the moon landing was cool...)? Gas-crisis disco 70's? Roth-era Van Halen Reagan Hardcore Punk 80's? Grunge? Be more specific. I don't remember any golden-age USA so much I want Trump to bring it "back" (although I miss the hardcore).

Good point.

Comment Re:Classic technology (Score 1) 118

... the old Soviet space program, but I'm not sure any of that is contained in the article you linked to, which seems to be about the Baikonur Cosmodrome itself. ... a modern space program should exclusively use 1950's technology...?

Baikonur was an international effort, people of many nationalities worked there. I was a student of a mathematician who participated in the calculation of the first Earth's artificial satellite orbit in 1957. And I saw on TV the SpaceX's team chanting: "USA, USA,...", after a partial success last time.

Trust me, these people will never do any innovation even remotely in the league of what was done in 50s at Baikonur. Those engineers and scientists, who really did it in 50s, worked for humanity, for science, and for SpaceX employees it seems to be like a cheap football match.

Comment Re:Safety for civilians on the ground (Score 1) 118

Smart parachute technology is developing too.

The problem with a rocket fuel explosion is that its detonation could burn out oxygen in an area, and there could be as a result unpredictable pressure fluctuations, which could hurt humans. Let alone the risk of starting a fire. Obviously, for a landing they keep quite an amount of fuel in reserve. It is impossible to land an aircraft with zero fuel exactly.

In my opinion, it is safer to burn all the fuel high in the air and use the abundant clean energy of gravity for landing.

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