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Comment Re:2x Pointless = Pointless (Score 1) 54

The problem is that there is nowhere to go in space. Too much radiation on the solar system's planets, no breathable atmosphere, and the stars are so faraway for our time scale that it's as if they are nonexistent for us at all.

It is not like it was with Christopher Columbus journey.

It all may change one day if human lifespan is prolonged, if the radiation issue is solved somehow, but so far humanity's best bet is to stick to Earth, try to find solutions on this planet.

Comment Re:there was no other way for them (Score 1) 468

The Soviet GULAG camps population after the WW2 was about 1.5 million prisoners and exiled https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/... . It is much less than, say, current US prisons' population.

It is still too much, but it is not like almost everybody was to end up in a GULAG camp.

And there are people who were rewarded by the highest order of the Hero of the USSR, who had been POW, but were lucky to escape.

Comment Re:more than that (Score 1) 141

I do not know. I do not live in Russia. I've just read about fines for smoking not in the designated places for smoking and for dropping butts on the ground.

Normally in airports there should be smoking areas made from a glass panes.

At least they are making some effort to reduce smoking. It will not be fast for sure, as it is extremely difficult, almost impossible to quit smoking. Tobacco is kind of a drug too, which is extremely addictive. And a social fabric is important part of this addiction.

At the same time, smoking, including passive one, is hazardous for health. It is already almost proven beyond doubt by medica science. Besides, butts on the gtound cause fires, especially in a forest.

Comment Re:DJI F450 quadrocopter & Naza V2 flight cont (Score 1) 67

Naza is kind of a Chinese goddess or a hero of a fairy tale. Something in-between, as I could understand. My point is that this is another level of flying. This thing sticks in one point in the air even in the wind when one leaves the levers.

Course Lock mode is a plain miracle. No matter what is an orientation of the quad, it memorizes what was forward at the take off and flies accordingly.

Comment DJI F450 quadrocopter & Naza V2 flight control (Score 1) 67

I bought the ARF (almost ready to fly kit ) DJI F450 quadrocopter & Naza V2 flight controller. DJI is a leading Chinese maker.

I assembled it, learned all features and tested extensively. And also Futaba T10J remote control. I never piloted a drone system so stable and reliable. It uses both GPS & CLONASS satellites antenna. It is something incredible.

I had a feeling similar when I bought for the first time a PC in 1995 with an internet access, a feeling that the world is about to change beyond recognition.

Comment Airmanship (Score 1) 1197

I am a quadrocopter builder and pilot myself. I would agree that it is wrong to fly a quad above people, houses or cars.

An experienced pilot usually can plan a flight in a safe way.

One of the most efficient security measures is flying early in the morning, just when sun begins to rise (at about 6 o'clock). There are less people around, and rising sun makes aerial images better.

Comment Re:WHO World Health Organisation data (Score 1) 102

Cars are moving in 2D, UAVs - in 3D, so the risk of crossing, i.e. an accident, is times less. Besides, it is much easier to create a collision avoidance system in 3D.

Significant part of cars are transporting paper documents and light parcels in a city. UAVs can do it much faster and with less energy consumption, freeing roads by this.

What I meant is that cars with 400 horse powers and speed of 300 km/h, does not cause any concern, but light commercial UAVs do. Probably, military drones give a bad image to all UAVs, unfortunately.

Comment WHO World Health Organisation data (Score 1) 102

Nearly 3 400 people die on the world's roads every day, it means more than a million per year. Tens of millions of people are injured or disabled every year.

How many people are injured by the civil drones? One or two per year, if any? Still commercial drones can in perspective free roads in a city by carrying urgent documents and parcels, instead of delivering by cars.

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