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Comment Re:Anti-gravity (Score 1) 193

... there is no reason to believe they would be a macroscopic phenomenon...

I would not agree. It is absolutely unknown yet of what 95% of the universe consists. There is a word for it though a dark matter: , but no one actually understands at all what it is.

And without understanding there is not possibility to use anything, there same as it was impossible to use the electricity in Middle Ages. But as soon as there is a complete understanding people found ingenious ways to use it. I cannot see how it differs.

Comment Re:Anti-gravity (Score 1) 193

all is needed to be done is to change plus + to minus - in the formula. And that is as impossible as it is to change the charge of an electron from -1 to +1.

The nature of gravitation is not understood yet. The same was with electricity. For example, It seemed to people, that a lightening was a wrath of gods. But as soon as it was understood, we can not only change an electrical polarity of a circuit, but also use an alternate current, and do many other unimaginable things with it.

Comment Re:Anti-gravity (Score 1) 193

Your comments are hysterical, especially the part where you seem to believe what you're saying.

Next month there will be a major scientific symposium: where Gravitation, Modified Gravity, Gravitational Lensing, Gravitational waves and other related topics will be discussed. So my comments may seem to you hysterical, because you were just not aware that the gravity is the major subject of scientific research nowadays.

Comment Re:Anti-gravity (Score 1) 193

Yeah we've never even detected gravitons or gravitational waves, ...

This is the point. As soon as gravitons or gravitational waves are detected (the gravity is real after all, it definitly exists, no one just tried seriously and systematically) all is needed to be done is to change plus + to minus - in the formula.

Comment Re:Why are american male students so rapey? (Score 1) 399

But this is not only the WHO. It is a major scientific discovery of recent years. I was recently at the conference about violence against women. This is what people talk about.

It seems that the level of violence against women is almost the same all over the world, if measured not by existing reports, but by an independent research. The idea now is that it is the nature of the Homo Sapience.

And violence against women is a major health issue and not only of women, of men too. Read this documentary book:

Comment Re:Why are american male students so rapey? (Score 1) 399

Please explain. Sexual assault among students is almost unheard of in my country..

Sexual assault is evenly distributed around the globe. About 33% of women were sexually assaulted at least one time. These figures are readily available at the WHO website.

In some countries it is 29% in some 32%, but it is an issue of reporting. This figure seems to be geographically independent, and corresponds to Homo Sapiens in general.

I think the women should also take some part of responsibility. They should be stronger. For example, it is close to impossibe to assault these women: . It just would be suicidal.

Comment Re:Enough! (Score 1) 965

Again, we shall not mix all muslims with specific radical groups. The Hitler's army had on the buckles the text in German: "Gott mit uns." It means in English: "God is with is": https://padresteve.files.wordp...

But it does not mean, of course, that it was the case. Actors in a political theater use whatever is popular at the moment.

Comment Re:AK-47 (Score 1) 965

I read that in Vietnam and Iraq wars US Army soldiers used AK-47 unofficially, certainly. There many images of US servicemen carrying AK-47.

An US military instructor wrote that he had a dispute with soldiers of the Afghan army. He could not make them to clean AK-47s. They said that they never clean it and had no problems whatsoever, that it is not necessary.

But the US instructor knew what he was talking about. As any mechanism it should be cleaned periodically and oiled slightly.

Comment Re:Only outlaws will have drones (Score 1) 108

Birds, at least wild life ones, live in forests, at sea cliffs, etc., i.e. where animals should live. But dogs walk exactly where humans do. Basically we are returning to early middle ages when the streets were used as sewer ditches. Certainly it caused epidemics. Nowadays there are antibiotics, but they will protect us not for long.

Comment Legislating on a phantasm (Score 1) 108

There is not a single serious accident involving a drone. The one which you can see on youtube is a fake.

At the same time about a million and a half people die each year in traffic accidents. About 20 million wounded. These are the figures of the World War 3, and they continue to grow. And what we see - cars and motorcycles are getting even more overpowered and overweight. Streets and roads are overcrowded by cars.

At the same time delivery by drones could free roads and streets and save millions of lives.

Comment Re:Laws of physics (Score 1) 201

My current 1200kg car absolutely emits less CO2 than my previous 750kg car.

But if you make a fair comparison of two modern similar cars, one 1200 kg and another 750 kg, the heavier one of course needs more energy (fuel) to move. It is Isaac Newton's Second Law of Motion: "Force equals mass times acceleration."

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