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Comment: Antimatter galaxies (Score 1) 392

by Max Threshold (#46678811) Attached to: Why Are We Made of Matter?
The article makes the point that there's a significant amount of matter in the interstellar space within our galaxy, which suggests that if other stars in our galaxy were made out of antimatter instead of matter, we would know about it because we'd detect annihilations. But can we say the same about intergalactic space? The article glosses over this question and skips to pointing out that we don't detect annihilations within other galaxies. What if those other galaxies are mostly antimatter, but there's essentially no matter to annihilate in intergalactic space? (Perhaps because it already annihilated in the early universe. Could that be the source of the CMB?)

Comment: Not just misspelled, but misspelled *differently* (Score 4, Informative) 275

Neither "Tsarnaev" nor "Tsarnayev" is the correct spelling; the correct spelling is "ЦÐÑнÐÌÐÐ".

As another commenter mentioned, utility companies solved this problem decades ago with technology like Soundex. Our intelligence apparatus is apparently crippled by incompetence, laziness, haste, provincialism, or all of the above.

Comment: Re:How to get through to anti-vaxxers (Score 1) 747

by Max Threshold (#46538895) Attached to: Measles Outbreak In NYC
It's not an absurd notion. Refusing to utilize available technology is an error of action, not an error of inaction.

"You certainly have no right to violate the integrity of anyone else's body by forcing drugs into their bodies."

Fair enough. The other option is to quarantine them. They can exercise their freedom, but they will not be allowed to leave their own property, ever, for any reason, until they have been vaccinated. If they demonstrate a proclivity to violate this restriction, the penalty will be forced vaccination.

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