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Comment: And it was really bad in the new SW movies (Score 1) 229

by Sycraft-fu (#49384399) Attached to: Why More 'Star Wars' Actors Don't Become Stars

The actors had nothing to react to and nowhere to go. Basically the whole damn thing was shot on green screen, with a two camera setup. Lucas could just park his ass in his chair, look at the monitors, and do nothing. Makes it hard when you are not only having to imagine the entire set and everything you are supposed to be seeing and reacting to, but also are on a small stage and can't even more around much.

Comment: Also in the original movies (Score 1) 228

by Sycraft-fu (#49384377) Attached to: Why More 'Star Wars' Actors Don't Become Stars

He had a lot of people he was answerable to. Sure he wrote the script for the first one (other screenwriters did the second and third) but it wasn't the Lucas show. The producers worked for the studio, not him, he had others who would question his decisions, make changes, etc. He was in charge only in so far as being the director, who does have a good deal of control, but still plenty of limits.

Not the case for the new three. It was an all-Lucas team. He was in charge, surrounded by yes men and did whatever the fuck he wanted. The result was really bad.

Comment: April fools already? (Score 1) 116

by GoodNewsJimDotCom (#49384091) Attached to: The End of College? Not So Fast
Education on Apps and Websites is the future. Right now you can do it if you're an active learner, but it will keep getting better and better. There will be a transition between active learning to spoonfed education over the next 2-6 years. There will be apps you can sit a little kid down on, and they'll learn English and Math without a teacher... In fact I believe at their own pace, kids will be able to learn better than in traditional school! And even more importantly, smart phones keep going down on prices and 3rd world countries are affording tech here and there now where education is really bad. So anything you can get in terms of education on Apps, that is the future. If we're over saturating the app stores, lets make it educational products. Education online might not be for everyone now, but every year that passes makes it better.

Comment: Re:See nothing that says this is x86 (Score 1) 101

by rwa2 (#49383823) Attached to: Microsoft Announces Surface 3 Tablet

Yes, I got the $100 HP Stream 7 for my wife a few months ago, and I have to admit it's pretty nice. As long as you're only running a couple things at a time, it's easy to forget you're not using a "real" computer. It keeps up with most social media sites just fine, without those long pauses and freezes that I get on my old EeePC901. Even have her Steam account set up on it and it does a great job at the 2D games like Mini Metro.

The main problems are the UI, of course... click and drag is difficult to get working on the tiny touchscreen, the tiny desktop elements are tricky to hit consistently, and the onscreen keyboard feels absolutely primitive compared to the default keyboards on Android/iOS nowadays. Someday I'll bother hooking up a USB keyboard/mouse or twiddler something to it and it should be fine, though.

People complain about the 1GB of RAM constraining the multitasking, but at $100 a pop, you can afford to build up a collection of these things and fill up your desk and walls with tablets running an individual app or website on each.

My other main annoyance with it is that it will spontaneously run out of batteries every other day or so if I don't leave it plugged in. Sometimes it'll be fine for a few days on standby, and then over the course of a few more hours it'll suddenly drain itself to 0% and shutdown and refuse to turn back on again until I've plugged it in for several minutes to build up enough charge to attempt to boot. I'm sure there's a simple fix I could just Google for (err, maybe Bing), but by the time I grab another device, trying to tweak drivers or power settings on that thing is the furthest thing from my mind :P

+ - New NetHack Variant: NetHack Fourk->

Submitted by jonadab
jonadab (583620) writes "A new NetHack variant has been brought into existence. This variant is called NetHack Fourk, and it is based on the NetHack 4 codebase. The focus of the variant is on balance refinements and on differentiating existing content (roles, monsters, levels, etc.)"
Link to Original Source

Comment: Suggestion for next poll topic (Score 1) 139

by GoodNewsJimDotCom (#49382685) Attached to: How long until our skies are filled with drones?
When will the roads be filled with self driving cars? All the self driving car research corporations want to flaunt,"We're researching the self driving cars, and it could be done as soon as real soon!" But I don't see self driving cars on the horizon for many many years. Even closed loop self driving cars might run into issues if pushed too soon.

PS: I've listened to enough propaganda pushing the reclassification of RC cars and planes as drones. And my only guess why they try and do this is to make the word drone sound more tame, instead of what everyone imagines,"Automated flying weapons of death." Does anyone know the other political reason for trying to reclassify radio controlled planes as drones?

Comment: Re:Only need one Steve Jobs (Score 1) 343

by LWATCDR (#49379863) Attached to: Why America's Obsession With STEM Education Is Dangerous

Apple only counts for money made.
What a load of garbage.
I love OS/X but the latest round of Apple hardware shows what happens when the "designers" run the show.
New Mac Pro... Stuck with Ivy Bridge CPUs when Haswell-e CPUs are out. GPUs are good but not near the best you can get plus no Nividia option for Cuda.
Mac Book line. You can not upgrade the ram and can not upgrade the SSDs. Prices for SSDs are going down but if you need more you have to buy a new notebook.
Apple is making money hand over fist but RIM and Nokia made a lot of money after the iPhone came out as well.
As much as I love OS/X and my MacBook Pro it is PCs that still do most of the real work. Servers run Linux, BSD, or Windows and not OS/X for the most part.
Desktops are running Windows for the most part.

Comment: Re:Governments way to admit that bitcoins are... (Score 1) 143

by jandrese (#49378887) Attached to: Silk Road Investigators Charged With Stealing Bitcoin
They were caught because the investigator was on a $150,000/year salary with a homemaker wife and deposited $750,000 in his bank account one year. Then logs from DPR's laptop confirmed it was him. Basically, he was totally and completely brazen about stealing the bitcoins both from DPR and from the government.

Comment: Re:And why not? (Score 1) 210

by LWATCDR (#49378339) Attached to: Nation's Biggest Nuclear Firm Makes a Play For Carbon Credit Cash



  I don't know if that is GP's objections but they are pretty good reasons to think radio isotopes are a threat to the environment and ultimately, humanity.

Not if dealt with correctly.
The spent fuel can be recycled. The short lived radio isotopes do not need to be stored very long. The medium waste goes back to fuel. The low level is close to background.

"Newer" reactor designs like the LFTR and I use new only in the sense that the prototype was built and tested about 40 years ago but not put into production. Produce a lot less waste and are walk away safe.

"And speaking of vilification, that is what happened to the peer reviewed science [stormsmith.nl] regarding the energetic return of the nuclear industry"
Um... What journal was that published? Who reviewed that? All I see is a website that seems to be dedicated to anti-nuclear. Some of the reports listed at the end are in journals.

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