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Comment: Re:What about Wii? (Score 1) 241 241

They actually have.

The scale of how much money goes back to the console maker is a sliding scale. Last generation, several high profile games came out on Gamecube for $40 instead of $50. Nintendo lowered their own royalties so that publishers would be more willing to take a smaller hit by offering the game cheaper, but likely be able to sell more units. If you have a $20 title, it pays less royalties because it's sold for cheaper than a $50 title.

Of course, there's also Virtual Console to deal with...

+ - Technology Enabled Study Rooms

esparhawk writes: "I work as a network administrator at an engineering college. We are in the process of expanding our campus housing, and have been asked to design study rooms incorporating educational aiding technologies. One idea so far, is to have electronic blackboards, which will print what has been written. How would you design the study rooms of the future?"
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Journal: Larval Stage 1 1

They used to say you were a geek in "larval stage" if you pulled more than one all nighter in a row. It was a sign that you were gestating some major hackage. I've noted that "larval stage" symptoms have recurred at different times in my life. Each time I learn a new programming language I kind of geek-out for a while, up late, up early, forget to eat, forget about a lot of things while I hyper focus on learning the new technology in front of me. I'm coming out of the longest "larval stage" I've

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