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Comment: Re:Not Excited (Score 1) 295

by Mavakoy (#39887323) Attached to: Bethesda Announces <em>Elder Scrolls</em> MMO

Unless they take the approach the Guild Wars did - communal towns/cities, where there are shops etc, but combat is disabled. Unique instances of the main game world for when you leave town, either with other players, or NPC followers.

You get the MM part of MMORPG if you want it, but aren't forced to put up with annoying people whilst "in game" and can just go it alone if you want.

Comment: Re:My mobile phone will last a couple of days (Score 1) 328

by Mavakoy (#35241620) Attached to: In case of a blackout, batteries etc. will give me ...

ScotteVest did a jacket with solar panels on it:


I can't find the details on their main site any more, so it's looking like an old product line. Though from a quick google it looks like there are similar products out there :-)

Comment: Re:Cool! (Score 1) 255

by Mavakoy (#34341284) Attached to: Once-Secret ACTA Copyright Treaty Approved By EU

Yup - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regulation_of_Investigatory_Powers_Act_2000

Specifically Part III:

which requires persons to supply decrypted information (which had been previously encrypted by the owner) and/or the cryptographic key to government representatives. Failure to disclose these items is a criminal offence, with a maximum penalty of two years in jail.

Role Playing (Games)

Elder Scrolls MMOG In Development? 43

Posted by Zonk
from the getting-a-bit-crowded-out-here dept.
Gamespot reports on the rumours swirling around the possibility of an Elder Scrolls Massively Multiplayer Online Game. They began when ZeniMax formed their very own Massive development company, ZeniMax Online. The company subsequently hired Matt Firor, formerly of EA Mythic, as its head. Now, the discussion online is centering on the registration of a URL that hints at big things to come for Bethesda's world. Pete Hines, spokesman for Bethesda, has a perfectly rational explanation: '"We are tired of people squatting on domains related to our games or simply not being able to get them if we needed them (note oblivion.com, fallout.com, and many others) and decided a while back we'd get these to keep it from happening again ... People are grabbing domains like these and trying to extract money from us for them, or using them for some other purpose.' Bogus or not bogus?: Bogus that the URL registration confirms the existence of an Elder Scrolls MMORPG. However, with others holding the Fallout and Star Trek MMORPG rights, the RPG franchise--famous for having MMORPG-size open worlds--is the only truly proven property in Bethesda's catalog."

All the simple programs have been written.