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Comment: Well obviously they went with Microsoft... (Score 1) 297

by MaufTarkie (#33912512) Attached to: Facebook, Microsoft Team Up Against Google
No doubt they asked Google first, but obviously Facebook was turned down because it would require Google to be evil. Actually, Microsoft and Facebook are a match made in heaven. At toast: may they both try to screw the other out of something newsworthy, so we can reap the lulz it will inevitably create.

Comment: Re:"Presumption of innocence"? (Score 2, Interesting) 567

by MaufTarkie (#33070912) Attached to: Tennessee Town Releases Red Light Camera Stats

That's why the recommend going to contest your tickets even if you are fully guilty - if the accusing officer does not bother to show up, you automatically get the ticket tossed.

That's not always the case. I got issued a speeding ticket in Washington over a decade ago. I was given the same advice regarding the officer needing to be present, so I went to court to contest (since I felt I was simply matching the speed of everyone else on the freeway, but was singled out). When I got to court, I was informed by the judge that the ticket (and the writeup) was the only evidence needed; the accusing officer did not have to be present. He read the ticket out loud for the court, which included the other point I was going to bring up to try to weasel my way out of the ticket: if he calibrated his radar gun before and after his shift. He had.

Luckily, the judge gave me a break and waved the ticket due to a paperwork technicality he could have kept to himself if he really wanted to.

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