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+ - The "Math Gap" revisited

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MattW writes "A few days Slashdot reported is no gender difference in math performance. Alex Tabarrok, posting on Marginal Revolution, notes that it all depends on what you mean by gap. He writes that the Wall Street journal reported the findings correctly: boys and girls have the same averages, but boys are more likely to both excel strongly or fail miserably. Quoting from the study, Tabarrok notes that for every measured grade, VR (Variance Ratio) is higher. So while the average between genders is the same, the pool of potential candidates for an extremely high level of aptitude has more men than women because of the higher variance."

+ - Yahoo and Disney try DRM-less mp3 album sale

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MattW writes "In what is hopefully the start of a trend, Disney-owned Hollywood Records is selling Jesse McCartney's new album as unrestricted mp3 files, reports Variety. In an absolutely stunning display of common sense, Ken Bunt, senior VP of marketing at Hollywood records, says, "We're trying to be realistic. Jesse's single is already online and we haven't put it out. Piracy happens regardless of what we do. So we're going to see how Jesse's album goes (as an MP3) and then decide on others going forward.""

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