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Comment Yer a bunch of silly geeks (Score 1) 151 151

I dont normally get involved in silly crap like this, but this time its irrisistable.

*Why dont u buy computer systems that DONT come preloaded with Windows if you dont want it? there are plenty of resellers on the 'net happy to sell Window-less units.

*Why dont u get over yer hatred of Windows simply because it's Microsoft. If u don't wanna use MS products well don't use em, n leave the rest of us who understand that the best product is the one that does the job the best, whether it be unix or windows or wotever.

*Ever noticed how similar yer very public anti-windows whinging is to Microsoft's alleged bully-boy tactics?

Makes me wonder jsut how many of u anti-windows dickheads actually successfully use a computer to make a living....

...can't wait for all the friendly replies im gonna get from this post *smooch* love u all :)

You will lose an important tape file.