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Comment: Re:oven (Score 1) 1016

by Matey-O (#37566520) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Way To Destroy Hard Drives?

You're kidding, right? With areal densities as high as they are, the odds of a person getting any useful information out of a device are becoming vanishingly small. The devices that have THAT kind of information on them...where the expense of the cleanroom and the million monkeys transcribing the bits are useful, should be encrypted in the first place. At which point nuking the keys will turn them into noise.

Comment: Total Perspective Vortex (Score 4, Insightful) 307

by Matey-O (#35323986) Attached to: How Sun Bought Apple Computer (Almost)

I love the trolls' complete and total lack of objectivity. Hundreds of millions of iDevices sold, arguably the first economically successful tablet, a company that could turn on a dime and recreate their hardware jumping from PPC to Intel, and OS 9 to OS X in a seamless fashion, and gain enough financial success to ecplipse Microsoft...and yet 'nothing of value is lost'.

Here's a hint for the younguns: There's room for more than one successful company in the world, and one being successful doesn't mean no others will be. If you don't like 'em, don't buy 'em...but to ignore their success is foolhardy. It's what makes people like Nokia lose their position in the economy.

Comment: Stale by release date (Score 2) 148

by Matey-O (#35157352) Attached to: HP Unveils WebOS Tablet, Plans WebOS Computer

They announced all this happy goodness for a SUMMER release.

By the time it's available, it'll look old and stale, we'll all be familiar with the NEXT version of Android, and Apple will have sold another 10 million units.

Tablets have been the 'next big thing' for a good 18 months, when will they actually be DELIVERING these things?

Comment: The extruded dingus! (Score 1) 262

by Matey-O (#35071374) Attached to: What’s the Internet? (on 1994's Today Show)

Board Member 1: What if you tire before it's done?
Board Member 2: Does it have rules?
Board Member 3: Can more than one play?
Board Member 4: What makes you think it's a game?
Board Member 3: Is it a game?
Board Member 5: Will it break?
Board Member 6: It better break eventually!
Board Member 2: Is there an object?
Board Member 1: What if you tire before it's done?
Board Member 5: Does it come with batteries?
Board Member 4: We could charge extra for them.
Board Member 7: Is it safe for toddlers?
Board Member 3: How can you tell when you're finished?
Board Member 2: How do you make it stop?
Board Member 6: Is that a boy's model?
Board Member 3: Can a parent assemble it?
Board Member 5: Is there a larger model for the obese?
Board Member 1: What if you tire before it's done?
Board Member 8: What the hell is it?

Comment: Re:UEFI has been around for years. (Score 1) 216

by Matey-O (#34131454) Attached to: Swedes Show Intel Sandy Bridge Running BIOS-Successor UEFI

No. No. The GP is quite right. The same person that wants to tweak their BIOS because they think it's best is the same kinda person that would think changing the fuel injectors would be the Right Thing To Do.

Your Sarcasm meter is off. I suggest you swap it out for a wide-band one. Perhaps in metric.

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