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+ - Chrome Released

Submitted by Mateo_LeFou
Mateo_LeFou (859634) writes "Google has released Chrome after hours and hours of anticipation. It's preventing non-Windows folk from seeing the download link, but of course there are ways around that. Wine hasn't successfully launched the installer for me, so first one to get it running on a non-evil OS gets a gold star."

+ - Apple's DRM Whack-a-Mole

Submitted by Mateo_LeFou
Mateo_LeFou (859634) writes "Gulf News has a nice piece exposing the last couple generations of Apple's DRM strategy (you didn't really think they were abandoning DRM, did you?). Article focuses on how quickly the tactics are worked around, and how nasty the latest one is: purchased iTunes now have your personal data in them. Author suspects that this is to prevent you uploading them to a network, but that conclusion seems jumped-to to me."

+ - SIRA back on the table

Submitted by
Mateo_LeFou writes "The Section 115 Reform Act, part of last year's attempt to impose a licensing regime on ephemeral copies of music (think browser cache, RAM, etc.), seems to be alive and well. The new chairman of the "Intellectual Property" subcommittee (a nd distinguished representative from Hollywood) agrees with the copyright registrar that CD sales are falling because of — you guessed it — piracy, and that this slide can be stopped by making the rules about what computers can legally do with music a lot more complicated. Video here"

+ - Have You Sold Your Brain?

Submitted by
Mateo_LeFou writes "I've been a freelance web developer for a couple years, but got placed in a "regular" job recently by an IT staffing company. I was very disturbed by their employment agreement, as it seems to assert ownership over anything I think during the contract, and for six months afterward. Additionally, the recruiter kept saying it was all "just a bunch of legal jargon" that neither she nor I should try to understand. But I tried to understand anyway, and was shocked at what it seemed to say. Unless I'm missing something, I find it very difficult to accept these terms. What do you think?"

+ - Patents on Tax Loopholes?

Submitted by Mateo_LeFou
Mateo_LeFou (859634) writes "That's right, there's something worse than a "business method" patent in the works. The International Herald Tribune reports that a case is pending in Connecticut on the issue of whether methods of preparing (or dodging) your taxes can be patented. Anyone think we've reached the limit on what can be considered patentable yet?"

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