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Comment Re:It's that time... (Score 1) 342

This would just lead to a Planet of the Apes style apocalypse.

Robots are programmed not to hurt Humans.

Robots are Programmed to recognise Gorillas as a sort of Human.

Gorillas rise up - Robots by their programming are unable to stop them. Without their fancy gadgets to protect them. Humans lose the impending war.

Comment Re:Who buys them? (Score 2) 668

It's also word of mouth stuff. As in being asked if you take enough zinc every time you get a cold. Doesn't matter how ridiculous it is, if they heard it from a friend then you should try it.

Yes, I have heard of many strange uses for Vicks Vapor Rub that many a person swears by because they heard it from a friend/family member.

Comment Re:Who buys them? (Score 1) 668


I was referring to people I know of that seek them out and treat them like medicines. The OP stated:

I don't believe that I've ever known anyone that either believed in or took homeopathic potions as cures..

It is these people I am referring to. Those that treat homeopathy as an actual treatment as opposed to people that may unknowingly make such a purchase.

One I accidentally bought the "light" sour cream instead of the regular stuff (the packages are much the same) I wouldn't say that I buy light sour cream. :)

Comment miscategorised (Score 1) 479

I had a job training software, and business applications for end users. Part of this involved one on one training with users that wanted to know how to perform specific tasks.

I remember going to one lady who wanted to know how to perform a specific task to get an outcome she was struggling with. I found the issue not to be her lack of knowledge, but some missing packages. As systems were locked down, I had to call in to the internal HelpDesk and raise a ticket to get the necessary packages installed on her machine.

Upon giving the exact details of what was missing and what would be needed I got the response "Can I pass you to my colleague who knows about computers?"

Comment Re:It was an app on a WORK-Issued Phone! (Score 1) 776

I think this needs to be fixes in law, not just in a court case. Some law that makes it explicit that employers have no interest in what you do with yourself when "off duty", and protects your privacy and dignity from your employer when you're not at work (or otherwise on the clock).

This is all good and well, assuming you are a well behaved person in your private time. Most employment contacts (around here anyway) have a clause that the employee will not do anything that will bring the employer into disrepute. This clause straddles the line between an employee's private and work time and often creates grey areas.

Yes, one should be able to do what they want in their own time - but if "society" (or my employers) disapprove and that activity makes the courts/news/gossip mill/rounds at the competitors they do want recourse to get rid of the staff member in question.

I am aware that this is a separate issue to the main point of this article.

Comment Re:Is this all one big legal bluff? (Score 1) 106

... The company behind the global mode is Thumbing its nose

"We assumed they were OK with Global Mode and we continued to spend money innovating the facility,"

"We did that on our understanding that geo-unblocking to allow people to digitally import content purchased overseas is perfectly legal. If you say it is not, then we are going to need a lot more detail from you to understand why. Simply sending us a threatening letter, as frightening as that may be, does not get us there and is not a fair reason for us to shut down our whole business,"

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