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Comment Re:You want to cheat on your wife? (Score 1) 228

I agree, which is why I specified actual cheaters, as opposed to the gawkers, the sleuths, the open-marriage types (who probably wouldn't care if his/her spouse found out), etc.

No while the open marriage types may not care that their wife/husband found out. The blackmail letter threatened to contact, workmates, and other family members.

The blackmailers do not care about the (moral)"crimes" committed by the blackmailee, They are opportunist criminals seeking to make a buck (bitcoin)

Comment Re:Its laugh track is a crime against humanity (Score 5, Informative) 406

Doesn't stop the producers from using "Laugh now" signs. I don't know if they actually do this, but my guess is that they probably do....

I don't know if this is so for Big Bang, but I have been to many television recordings. As a part of the shows I have been to, before the presentation they have the Audience applaud and laugh with various levels of enthusiasm so that when the show is edited back together for broadcast:

Jokes that didn't hit can be made to sound like they did
Jokes actions that may have elicited a certain response may not have after numerous re-takes
Applause that was organic would be choppy after scenes were chopped up and edited

None of the shows I have seen have been sitcoms but rather presented "as live" panel shows

Comment Re:Money for old rope (Score 1) 55

Seems to be very common in the android world with Samsung.

Often you get the excuse that rather than "backroom" deals, this is to ensure compatibility and customer experience.

I say, these companies should make it clear that they will only "support" the supplier they are in bed with and get rid of these arbitrary restrictions.

Comment More power to the providers (Score 5, Insightful) 55

I do not look forward to the future where all entertainment is streamed.

It puts too much power into the hands of the content providers and distribution channels. Arbitrary restrictions such as regional lock outs, approved devices and discriminative pricing are always a part of the package.

While there is a convenience to streaming services. I can only hope that the option for physical/local "ownership" of media is always an option.

Not entirely on topic i know, but relative (to this Luddite anyway)

Comment Re:It's that time... (Score 1) 342

This would just lead to a Planet of the Apes style apocalypse.

Robots are programmed not to hurt Humans.

Robots are Programmed to recognise Gorillas as a sort of Human.

Gorillas rise up - Robots by their programming are unable to stop them. Without their fancy gadgets to protect them. Humans lose the impending war.

Comment Re:Who buys them? (Score 2) 668

It's also word of mouth stuff. As in being asked if you take enough zinc every time you get a cold. Doesn't matter how ridiculous it is, if they heard it from a friend then you should try it.

Yes, I have heard of many strange uses for Vicks Vapor Rub that many a person swears by because they heard it from a friend/family member.

Comment Re:Who buys them? (Score 1) 668


I was referring to people I know of that seek them out and treat them like medicines. The OP stated:

I don't believe that I've ever known anyone that either believed in or took homeopathic potions as cures..

It is these people I am referring to. Those that treat homeopathy as an actual treatment as opposed to people that may unknowingly make such a purchase.

One I accidentally bought the "light" sour cream instead of the regular stuff (the packages are much the same) I wouldn't say that I buy light sour cream. :)

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