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Comment Re:Insurance? (Score 1) 204

While a good argument, it's entirely moot. SpaceX is not going to eat the cost of insurance. They'll simply buy the insurance for NASA and add the cost of the insurance (and the costs involved with hiring someone to deal with the insurance) to the cost of the launch. NASA can buy insurance direct or it can use a middleman (SpaceX), in the end, NASA is paying for it either way.

Comment How else would they? (Score 2) 230

I mean seriously, why is this a surprise? How else are you going to fight a legislated cartel except with lobbyist? They would be fools not to have lobbyists, and quite an army of them, if they're going to go after an industry that's as heavily legislated as taxis.

Comment Any vote from the house (Score 1) 142

Any vote from the house, from it's very definition, should have no affect on the 4th amendment, save for a vote on a constitutional amendment. The very idea that a vote on a law by the house would give power or remove power from the 4th is an insult and an attack not on the 4th, but on the constitution its self.

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