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Comment They just don't get it.... (Score 1) 75

They just don't get it... The advantage of 3D printing is that you can print 1 of something with no upfront cost. The problem is that printing one is costs the same per print as printing1,000,000 of something, meaning there's no economy of scale. When cars are made in the hundreds of thousands, economy of scale is the difference between a 200K honda accord and a 20K honda accord,

Comment Re:Why IoT ? (Score 1) 68

These items don't need WAN access, they really just need LAN access, though to most people that's the same thing. It's a lot easier if I can remotely check the status and health of the turbine from the ground rather than having to climb a tower and plug in a USB cable.

Comment They missed something crucial (Score 1) 32

There's something they've missed here that is crucial, and it's called user acceptance. The user of the device (the deaf person in this case) must want to use the technology. You would think that this would be wildly popular with the users from the outside looking in. However, there is a very real deaf culture: . Many deaf people do not believe there is anything wrong with being deaf and actively reject those who seek treatment to cure their deafness. I suspect this will be viewed as an attack on their culture.

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