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Comment: Re:Lucky for Stripe (Score 1) 353

No one should have further considered whether slavery was indeed protected by the Constitution? The Supreme Court had ruled, so, for you, the issue was settled.

It was settled until the 13,14, and 15 amendments were passed.

Because that's what amendments DO: they change the Constitution.

Comment: Re:oh boy! (Score 2) 253

The head of HR felt that rather than doing an actual job of HR, it was her real job to protect the company against grievances

I'd like to hear what you think the actual job of HR is since every HR department I've ever encountered has only existed to protect the company against lawsuits. They certainly don't exist for your benefit.

Comment: Re:Exercising "roughly the same amount" (Score 2) 399

by MaskedSlacker (#48190733) Attached to: NASA's HI-SEAS Project Results Suggests a Women-Only Mars Crew

No it doesn't because you are grossly oversimplifying.

BMR calculators give an average estimate, not an exact individual figure. People vary around the average. To complicate things further, people are NOT equally efficient in their absorption of calories/nutrients from the same food.

Comment: Re:Cue in deniers (Score 1) 295

by MaskedSlacker (#48097293) Attached to: NASA Study: Ocean Abyss Has Not Warmed

Christ almighty that link is total gibberish. I assume Mersini didn't see it or approve it before it was published because it's rife with errors.

Event horizons are not membranes in any physical sense, it's been known that Hawking radiation causes an object to lose mass since Hawking's original paper on the subject--in fact, that's the only reason Hawking radiation is interesting, it's the one way for mass to "escape" the event horizon--and few think the Big Bang started from a singularity in the sense meant in this article (even Hawking, who wrote THAT paper too, arguing for a pre-Big Bang singularity doesn't think that's what happened anymore).

The idea that Hawking radiation could overwhelm the gravitational collapse is interesting and merits further investigation, but it is by no means "proof" or "conclusive" of anything.

Comment: Re:I have very little sympathy (Score 1) 487

by MaskedSlacker (#48097271) Attached to: Texas Ebola Patient Dies

some people just go into denial if something like that (that is likely to kill you) happens

In other words, they lie to themselves.

others just completely get blocked mentally and don't dare to tell the truth because they know what will then happen.

In other words, they lie on purpose.

people don't always lie because they're evil masterminds bent on infecting the world.

No. They lie because they're selfish assholes who don't give a fuck about anyone else (including their own children in this case).

Nothing you've posted contradicts your parent. The man lied and endangered the lives of others in the process. All of that is a matter of fact. Why he did it is mostly irrelevant, but since you brought it up, I'm gonna go with the selfish prick theory.

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