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Submission + - EU probes new Google privacy policy (

Mashiki writes: "The EU is probing Google's new privacy policy to determine whether or not it breaks the bloc's data, and privacy laws. This investigation could delay the rollout of the new policy, and bring increased pressure against Google, as they are already under investigation for their existing competition practices."

Submission + - Google Announce cross-product tracking, no opt-out (

Mashiki writes: "Google has announced new privacy rules across all products(email, search, youtube, plus, etc). With this change, comes a unique twist. You can't opt out. I'd say google pulled a netflix, but it could be much interesting than that depending on where you live. Since this flies in the face of the privacy laws of other countries to track across sites, when you refuse to allow users to opt-out of tracking altogether."

Submission + - DOJ seals records of murdered border guard (

Mashiki writes: "The DOJ has sealed the recorders of a border agent, who was murdered by a weapon procured during the Federal Government's Fast and Furious program, operated by the ATF, which allowed weapons to walk into the hands of known criminals. Perhaps the most troubling issue at hand from the most transparent administration ever, is how quickly they wish to silence any information of how these weapons were moved, and who has been murdered by them."

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