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Comment Re:Against the law (Score 1) 55

Yes, but idiots keep pointing out how illegal Uber is without stopping to think about whether those laws are just.

Oh the laws are just, tell me something what part about requiring carrier insurance(including the minimum required for liability), having a chauffeurs license, and operating with a business license and having the mandated tax requirements for provincial/state and federal are unjust. Uber doesn't want to have any of these on their drivers, that's what the problem is.

Comment Re:Only banned in agriculture (Score 0) 111

This is pretty well known stuff. Here's some reading material for you, the ban on DDT was fear mongering nothing more. The estimate is 50m-500m dead since it was banned, there's no solid figures because no one actually knows solidly how many people have died since the ban. But you can do out the math if you really want since 40% of the worlds population lives in areas where you can contract it.

Comment Re:Fuel Injection? (Score 1) 300

Meanwhile you've got a bunch of near-explosions whose reactions you're only guessing at constantly happening at the edge of causing damage because you're chasing efficiency.

Yeah that's not chaos and tinkertoys, that's the application of math and science, and the application of programing at the highest level to "make it all work" without causing the engine to disintegrate, rattle itself apart, or through a piston through the block.

Comment Re:Segregation not the answer (Score 1) 449

Straw man. I said in this particular instance it makes sense, just like it makes sense to have segregated bathrooms and locker rooms for men and women, but not for race.

Well we've got the feminists screaming about bathroom segregation already, and how it should be unisex. And there's the starting calls for no-gender locker rooms already, and there are many feminists(anita sarkeesian, jessica valenti, and laurie penny as examples) out there pushing the racial segregation for education. So yeah, guess that's a problem now right?

Comment Re:That's what Nokia, Moto, and Microsoft said (Score 1) 535

And the $4500 manufacturing cost will be equally challenging. There are no car foundries or car part vendors that Apple can impose one-sided manufacturing or sourcing agreements with.

With the amount of capitol they have currently they could buy a defunct line and retool it. After the worldwide automarket crash ~6ish years ago, there are a lot of manufacturing plants sitting idle with companies either having already sold them or looking to sell them. That includes the pre-manufacture powertrain and subframe sections.

And Apple would have to contend with the same logistic and legal distribution hurdles that Tesla is facing.

The problem that Tesla is facing in that is one of their own making as well. Tesla decided in the logistic capacity to "make what we'll need" rather than buy or co-sign with an existing distribution network. Why do you think Hino(toyota) has started popping up everywhere and even selling from their competitors floor space.

Comment Re:Segregation not the answer (Score 2, Funny) 449

Segregation is the answer. Sometimes groups need a space where they can be away from the things that are giving them problems, with the goal of later re-integration.

You heard it here first. Up next, white only bathrooms, and asian only programing camps.

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