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Comment Re:21 Gigawats? (Score 1) 438

I live in South-Western Ontario, there are a lot of houses here which still have doors on their second floor because the winters used to be so severe(though I'll bet the folks north of London ~6 years ago were glad they did when they got 22'/6.7m of snow in three days). The last 20 years though it's been less of an issue, but we don't usually get snowfalls often enough where we have to remove snow from our roofs here or in that particular area of the US.

Though there's a guy a few blocks away who got a FiT install with solar panels, no one could come by the clean them off. They broke, needless to say he was out $40k in replacement because he didn't have the coverage on his homeowners insurance.

Comment Re:Obama should do a fact check... (Score 1) 279

Sea levels have been rising over the 20th century. This, and a host of other evidence say we _are_ experiencing the effects of climate change.

And people are still arguing as to whether or not we're out of the last ice age still, but don't worry the science is settled. Just like cerebral palsy don't have any genetic factors. Wait a second! A group just finished up a study and found it does have a genetic component in at least 10% of cases. And there was a lot of people in the medical community who were against the study.

Yeah, that's actually a brilliant example of science and scientists not wanting to go against the ingrained truth.

Comment Re:Is that even worthwhile? (Score 1) 105

Is it even worthwhile to use an app like that to save a few cents on gas?

Here in Canada it's generally more then a few cents. In my neck of the woods gas is $1.16/L(~$4.90/gal), if I travel 30km(~18mi), I can buy it for $0.82(~$3.15/gal). Usually I don't use the app, rather I use their website. But their new policy violates a bunch of federal and provincial privacy laws here in Canada, and since they operate Canadian-centric sites, they're going to have to change their policies on it again.

Comment Re:Money Ruins Fun (Score 2) 40

It doesn't help that a lot of those pay-for modders, started lashing out at those of us modders who wanted nothing to do with it. That's probably the biggest thing there, if you have access to any of the hidden forums for modders on the mod sites(nexus, moddb, modgames, etc), you'd see the personal attacks that the paid for modding used. Once that started making it out into the general community that pay-for modders were attacking others for not wanting it, the community in general had enough.

Those folks learned the hard way that it's really easy to burn bridges by attacking other content creators, and pissing off mod users.

Comment Re:TOTAL GARBAGE- paid mods work on Steam (Score 1) 40

Most people wanting to sell their mods, want to get jobs in game development-- Either as asset creators, scripters, coders, level designers, etc.

Pretty much, for those of us who've been modding for ~20 years on a variety of games we do it because we enjoy doing it and don't want to get paid for it. Rather the only application that most of us have is that our work is recognized, used, and enjoyed. A lot of modders start out because there's xyz missing and they want to add it to the game themselves, that's how I got into modding. That, and there were bugs sometimes serious bugs that need to be fixed but weren't fixed by the developer.

People who are talented will get noticed and picked up by the industry by the mods they make. Others use their mods as a showcase, which works out very well too.

Comment Re:Sounds impressive, but is it? (Score 1) 83

- that would suggest that their cost of goods and operating expenses are negative.

Sounds about right, gotta remember that they've had some massively bad quarters and several years and they're still paying off their loans to other parties(not the government ones).

Comment Re:I've had issues with the Win10 NVIDIA drivers.. (Score 1) 317

And a lot of "your driver stopped responding so we turned it off, then back on again."

That's the infamous nvidia TDR problem, and has been plaguing their drivers and cards since the very early R.208.xx series drivers. Said TDR problem has been so bad that ~4 years ago they were paying to ship PC's to California for testing to determine the cause of it. It's been on-going since 2008 and they haven't fixed it, or have been working on 'trying to fix it' since then.

The last time nvidia fixed it in mid 2011, it was due to the cards throttling the core voltage down to control the amount of heat being generated. This caused problems in a lot of cards, especially cards which had flaky GPU's that didn't handle voltages well. Well it was fixed for all of about one driver release then it was right back to where it was again.

Comment Re:We're a tech company... (Score 1) 247

So you're saying that not having the required $6m in liability, and have different and higher driver testing requirements is a bad thing? You're making the assumption that "it's a good thing we generally follow the rule of law in Canada" in my statement. Assumptions are never good.

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