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Comment: this strikes again huh? (Score 4, Informative) 49

by Mashiki (#47772643) Attached to: Fake NVIDIA Graphics Cards Show Up In Germany

Back in the late 90's there was a serious issue with videocard's and their bios being reflashed to something else. Wish I had the magazines with the articles on it still, but it ended up being a rather large investigation. Happened with ati, nvidia, matrox cards quite a bit.

There was also the massive, and I do mean massive counterfeiting of fake Intel and AMD cpus, the most common thing that was done was resilkscreening the cpu. They would turn around and take a cyrix, or lower end amd/intel cpu scrub off the designations, then reapply them, and sell them back on the market. You didn't know that they were fake until you plugged them into the motherboard and surprise that $600 intel cpu was a resilked el-crapo cyrix chip.

In all these cases, the primary source for these were from SE-Asia, mainly Thailand, and Vietnam. It was so bad, that these things were showing up in legitimate supply chains from major distributors like Ingram Micro, Supercom, etc. Even the packaging was legit, serial numbers on the packages were legit, so it was a very well organized scam.

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Energy costs make up a small part of a family's budget compared to health care, education, etc etc.

Really? Last study I saw on this done by the frasier institute here in canada put energy costs right up around 46% of where yearly expenses go. I'd go hunt for it but far too lazy at the moment.

Comment: In other news... (Score 2, Insightful) 216

US starts buying more nuclear power from Canada, quickly pulling a Germany. In 5 years, subsidies much like those in Germany will then be gutted, and there will be a mass rush to build new coal and NG power plants until reactors can be refurbished or built anew.

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by Mashiki (#47742859) Attached to: Among Gamers, Adult Women Vastly Outnumber Teenage Boys

Sure, but if you also read the report you'll quickly notice that the demographics of "what people play" are vastly different. Women will generally stick to management/sim/etc style building. Men will stick to racing, rpg's, action games. This of course is one of the fundamental piss-off points, that the "sjw's" seem to forget.

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by Mashiki (#47735331) Attached to: New EU Rules Will Limit Vacuum Cleaners To 1600W

You can still get 100w bulbs? I thought everyone had gotten around to "banning" know, for the environment or something. Oh well, off to my mercury filled death lamps, and led bulbs jam packed with rare-earth-elements that are mined causing plenty of environmental damage...

Anyway, PC's are calculated for max load. My gaming rig has a max-load rating for it's PSU of 700watts, on average though for browsing, and so on it's in the 180 watt range.

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