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Comment: Re:why does the CRTC need this list? (Score 3, Informative) 267

by Mashiki (#47949479) Attached to: Canadian Regulator Threatens To Impose New Netflix Regulation

Huh? The American networks as carried in Canada do not have 50% Canadian content in prime time. In fact, it's probably zero percent.

You're right, the only reason they don't is because the channels that are canadian get overwritten by the cableco/satellite provider when it's also broadcast on a US channel. So they get their "canadian content" that way. The only way to get a US channel in Canada that isn't simulcast is by OTA.

Comment: Re:why does the CRTC need this list? (Score 3, Insightful) 267

by Mashiki (#47949391) Attached to: Canadian Regulator Threatens To Impose New Netflix Regulation

You've got no idea of what you're talking about. The biggest reach that politicians have on this is being able to threaten to take their mandate away on broadcast regulatory issues. And it has nothing to do with libertarianism, this is due to excessive regulation not too little. And why is this happening? Because the CRTC is packed with suits from the major telcos, cableco's, and industry insiders. I'm sure someone will scream "lulz harper" but I'll point out now that this is how it has been since the CRTC got started.

The CRTC mandates: internet, pricing controls for the internet, third party pricing controls for the internet, cancon, who can or can't have a broadcast license, telephone, telephone quality, and several other things. Industry Canada on the other hand their biggest reach is spectrum.

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by Mashiki (#47948713) Attached to: Canadian Regulator Threatens To Impose New Netflix Regulation

Sounds like I need to contact my MP, last time the CRTC pulled this shit with UBB it took the federal government threatening to pull their mandate for them to smarten up. Fellow canucks can contact their MP via this list here. Sounds like they need to be threatened again, and if they decide to piss on us--I'll get a VPN and get the US netflix. And if they make it illegal like US satellite dishes, people will say fuck you anyway.

There's a reason why the cableco's up here are hemorrhaging subscribers.

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by Mashiki (#47934313) Attached to: Use of Forced Labor "Systemic" In Malaysian IT Manufacturing

You know what I find interesting in this? The moderation. I do believe that the people moderating the comments are saying "intellectual cowards unite." They can't refute what you said, they can't refute what I said. They'd rather try to bury it instead of confronting the fact that this is factual.

Comment: Re:"forced labor" (Score 1, Flamebait) 182

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You do realize that Republicans of today aren't the same as the Republicans of the 1860s, right?

You're right, they've grown just as much. Then again, I can look at the democrats of today and see: Race baiting, racism, calling republican blacks who don't toe the democrat lines "uncle tom's, house nigger, conservative slut" and if we jump back even a small bit we see democrats who voted against the various pro-black legislation(such as the civil rights act--including filibustering it), had various members who belonged to or were in the KKK as well. Some things change, others don't. Don't believe me? Take a look at the things that the left spew at Allen West or Stacy Dash.

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by Mashiki (#47915911) Attached to: The Growing Illusion of Single Player Gaming

Maybe I'm dating myself here, but multiplayer games are still newfangled and weird to me, and I don't know if that will ever change.

When I used to play games, I played to get away from social interaction and enjoy myself in isolation. It was a kind of recuperation. A world of gaming in which you have to face social interaction once again as part of gameplay was unattractive enough to me that I stopped playing games altogether. These days I mainly do crossword puzzles and read e-books for the respite that I used to get from gaming.

Well you're not alone, when I was much younger I enjoyed competitive FPS's, multiplayer, LAN's, and all that. But as I've gotten older I enjoy single player games more so than anything else because as you put it, it's a form of recuperation and you can decide "how" you want to enjoy yourself.

But as a point, there were articles back in hmm 2004 or 2005ish declaring the "end of single player" as well. Strangely enough, single player games are still going strong. And when developers shovel multiplayer into single player content many don't like it. One of the better examples of this would be Mass Effect 3, where they attempted to shove you into MP so you could get the best possible ending. It didn't take long before it was patched out, and the amount required reduced. I expect that the new Dragon Age game will suffer the same fate if they try to shovel something in that "makes it a requirement for a good ending."

Comment: Re:it's over: the media (in the US) have moved on. (Score 0) 266

You think it started with this? US media didn't even want to report on the issues with Obama, rather all they wanted to do was sing about his racial background without doing any digging. Media in the US has long since moved from "providing information and letting you make a choice" to "telling you their point of view, framed as news." This is why Journolist existed.

As for cultural attention span being exhausted? Hah no. Rather the media is doing it's best to try and change the viewpoint on anything that happens especially when it becomes too "hot in the kitchen."

Comment: Re:10 and 2 is for older cars (Score 1) 326

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Well, they're close, anyway. In the real world, around 8 and 4, or even 7:30 and 4:30 is a better choice when you're using two hands.

It has nothing to do with power steering, it has all to do with the ability to make a turn without removing your hands from the wheel.

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by Mashiki (#47898935) Attached to: US Scientists Predict Long Battle Against Ebola

There's a simple solution then, we go back to doing what we had every time there was a serious outbreak of some disease. Quarantine and cutting that area off, eventually it'll simply kill the stupid people off. Something that most people don't realize is that many places outside of the western world, the understanding of the spread of infectious disease is where Europe was in the 900-1200's.

Comment: Re:The hosers are right (Score 3, Insightful) 462

by Mashiki (#47887371) Attached to: CBC Warns Canadians of "US Law Enforcement Money Extortion Program"

Hey look, an article about Canada! I wonder if some ignorant racist english dude decided to randomly bash Quebec for no reason...

No reason? You mean the massive corruption inquiry going on right now? How about the other ones in Montreal, or Hull, I can keep going man. Let's point out the rest, my comment wasn't racist. Quebec isn't a race, it might be considered a segment of Canadian culture however. If you don't think there isn't massive corruption going on in that province, you either have never lived there, or don't know anyone who lives there now. Even your died in the wool Quebecker will tell you exactly how corrupt it is: "Very."

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by Mashiki (#47885265) Attached to: Accused Ottawa Cyberbully Facing 181 Charges Apologizes

That means the problem is one of mental health. An untreatable personality disorder, no less. How does that affect the correct course of action here?

Quite a bit actually, of course he'll have to pay for his own psychiatric evaluation to prove it. The government will only pay for it in some cases where the person is obviously a danger to themselves or others(such the killing of Tim McLean.) If however a recogonized individual(not a GP) states that he does have a psychiatric disorder, it can become a mitigating circumstance. This could lead to anyone of the following: Reduced sentence, confined to mental institution for the remainder of his life(basically as long as is required for treatment), and so on. It can also be a aggravating circumstance, such as he knew, family knew, and others knew he had a psychiatric disorder--was on meds, and stopped taking them. Which may lead him to be placed in short term psychiatric care, then moved to a regular prison. Most likely medium security.

Comment: Re:The hosers are right (Score 2, Interesting) 462

by Mashiki (#47885173) Attached to: CBC Warns Canadians of "US Law Enforcement Money Extortion Program"

This isn't news to Canucks, we've been dealing with this in our own country from Quebec for years. It's gotten better since the RCMP started an investigation on it though, but I got one a few years back. The last time I was in Quebec was in 1988 when I went there I was in middle school, and it was part of the "tour the capital" bit. Quebec is like NJ, full of slime, corruption, and fully broken.

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This account(and the publicly facing email address) is on the list new list, but not the old one. Except that the password listed is over 2 years old, feel free to look. So it makes me wonder where the pass was pulled from, if someone wants to try and figure it out that should be interesting. The only other places I've logged in from with this email address were in Florida via Brighthouse , and Nothern Alberta via bell wifi(rockethub). I have three other email addresses that I use, but none of them are on the list. But I've used this account and others on the same machines.

That makes me believe that some data was pulled, but it may be old--or compiled from elsewhere.

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