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Comment: Re:No thanks. (Score 1) 90

by Mashiki (#49819633) Attached to: The Artificial Pancreas For Diabetics Is Nearly Here

So is the pancreas, it's a reactive system to external demands as well. So I guess it needs a sugar either dampens or allows glucose production by the liver as needed. Seriously, do you know how this stuff works? I suppose that could be a problem of course if you don't have a liver...but then again, if you don't have a liver you're going to have more serious problems anyway.

Comment: Re:No thanks. (Score 4, Insightful) 90

by Mashiki (#49816339) Attached to: The Artificial Pancreas For Diabetics Is Nearly Here

My sister would disagree with your assessment, and she's been a diabetic since she was 4 years old(31 years of shots now). If my great aunt was still alive, she'd be jumping for it too since she'd been a diabetic for ~70 odd years. There are plenty of methods to avoid hypoglycemia from working out, this in itself is a huge step in the current pump a needle in you every 2/4/6/8 hours that exists now.

The biggest problem is with kids and getting them to do monitoring, tests, etc., since many of them don't understand not doing something like that will kill you. It's a concept that a 4 year old can't get, no matter how simple you explain it to them.

Comment: Re:This isn't surprising (Score 0) 145

ATI/AMD has had shit drivers since the 90s. This whole "Nvidia is stabbing us in the back!" doesn't carry water since they've *never* had reliable products.

Kinda funny, since I switched from nvidia to amd a year and change back, finding the exact opposite. Compared to nvidia where we've had drivers that nuked fan profiles and burned out cards, caused TDR problems where they blamed users--and later it was found out to be all nvidias fault because they dumped the voltage down on the cards so low that it caused instability, or the repeated whql drivers that cause hardlocks across 400/500/600 series cards.

Pretty sure the amd didn't nuke my card with shitty drivers, pretty much sums it up. The last 5 years nvidias drivers have been right down shit, and that's their own fault because as soon as they launch a new card they move their star driver team to only optimize for that card and then use the B team to continue support.

Comment: Re:Photo? (Score 1) 186

Because I understand the servers, programmers and ops staff require money and believe that seeing a few ads is fair exchange for the content I see. To me, giving advertisers enough information so I see fewer tampon ads (I am a single male) I see as a plus. Sorry but I am not part of the tinfoil hat brigade.

So you're handing your personal information out cheaply because you have no value in your own self worth as an individual? Not sure if that's exactly the smartest thing to do.

I love that assumption. I was on the internet when Gopher was new.

Then you're still new to the internet. That would be '91.

"Facts are stupid things." -- President Ronald Reagan (a blooper from his speeach at the '88 GOP convention)