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United States

Marxist Hacker 42's Journal: Die of malnutrition, then what? 23

Journal by Marxist Hacker 42

11% of America are on food stamps, which as I pointed out in a comment on that article, means they can only afford non-nutritious crap food like McDonald's hamburgers (one of the few ways to get 2000 calories of pure fatty goodness a day on $4/day). So when they keel over of that heart attack from basically only eating white bread, a little protien, and tons of saturated fat, what happens? Their families can't even afford to bury them!

Ok, for you green shoots capitalists out there- tell me again what a great recovery we're having?

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Die of malnutrition, then what?

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    • I was talking urban populations. The Amish do indeed have the real solution- perhaps we should simply have an income cut off for living in the city, and if you fall below that income, your property in the city gets sold to buy you a farm....

      • I know you're not a believer in markets, but, if the people knew that the city was overpopulated, they could be encouraged to make smarter decisions on their own.
        Umbilical cords are the ties that bind.
        • they could be encouraged to make smarter decisions on their own.

          I don't believe in markets for exactly that reason- I don't believe human beings are smart. The same problem exists with non-market economies. As an average, human beings are quite stupid.

          • I believe that intelligence, like electrical resistance, adds inversely in parallel: the corporate 'we' is a little stupider than the worst dolt.
            Hence my "people don't scale" dictum.
            But hunger is a powerful instructor.
      • I don't know. Having your property sold off is one thing, but I would to think twice about buyin' the farm.

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