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+ - NASA discovers shrimp under Antarctic ice sheet->

Submitted by MartinSchou
MartinSchou (1360093) writes "Back in November 2009, NASA researchers drilling into the Antarctic ice sheet were surprised to find live shrimp-like creatures swimming around in the sub-glacial lake, 600 feet below its surface.

NASA's very short write-up includes a video, but MSNBC has a longer write-up."

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+ - Tegra2 tablets/slates/etc all the rage at CES

Submitted by MartinSchou
MartinSchou (1360093) writes "At this year's CES it seems that everybody and their cousin are talking tablets, slates or smartbooks. This year, however, might be the year of Linux, if not on the desktop, then at least on your other computing devices.

Amongst this years top contenders are slates running nVidia's Tegra 2 chipset, boasting 10+ hours worth of 1080p play back, with entries from Quanta, Mobinnova, ASUS, MSI> and Boxee (though this is a media computer).

Notion Ink have brought their Adam slate, complete with a Pixel Qi transreflective, multi-touch capable screen."
Data Storage

+ - AnandTech - The SSD Relapse

Submitted by MartinSchou
MartinSchou (1360093) writes "Anand Lal Shimpi has recently published another article on SSDs. Many of us probably remember The SSD Anthology which he wrote back in March, an article that has been referenced from such disparate sources as Microsoft and Linus Torvalds. This time around he looks at the newer Intel G2-drives as well as better Wiper-tools, idle Garbage Collection and how TRIM will affect drive performance."

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