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+ - Sickest email scam yet->

Submitted by Martin S.
Martin S. (98249) writes "The BBC is reports how emails purporting to come from NICE (UK's National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) are informing people they have cancer and must open an attachment to find out how to proceed.

However the attachment contains malware.

Sir Andrew Dillon, NICE Chief Executive: “A spam email purporting to come from NICE is being sent to members of the public regarding cancer test results. This email is likely to cause distress to recipients since it advises that ‘test results' indicate they may have cancer. This malicious email is not from NICE and we are currently investigating its origin. We take this matter very seriously and have reported it to the police.” NICE is advising people who have received the email — the subject line of which is important blood analysis result — to delete it without opening it and not to click on any links."

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+ - Happy Pi Day!->

Submitted by mikejuk
mikejuk (1801200) writes "Yes it is Pi day again, but this year it feels as though we aren't celebrating alone. For the first time it looks as if the momentum has built up to the point were a few people have heard about pi day and there are even attempts to sell you Pi connected items — as if it was a real holiday.
But there is always some one to spoil the party so what ever you do to celebrate don't miss Vi Hart's Anti-Pi Rant video."

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Comment: The nature of responsibility (Score 2) 104

by Martin Spamer (#46431905) Attached to: BPAS Appeals £200,000 Fine Over Hacked Website

If fact the negligence in this case was the fault of an external IT contractor who stored the captured data on the website CMS, after the requirements has been change to specifically exclude this feature because of security concerns. However the DPA doesn't take this into account. Data loss is an absolute offence, no negligence is necessary. If the organisation loses the data they are guilty.

The size of the fine is not a reflection of the degree of negligence but a result of the damage done . In this case very serious damage because the extremely sensitive nature of the data and who was able to access it.

+ - AT&T Invented A Way To Charge You Twice For The Same Internet->

Submitted by redletterdave
redletterdave (2493036) writes "In the midst of a raging debate over whether carriers should be allowed to charge more for certain types of data, or let favored developers offer users apps that don’t count against their data caps, AT&T has applied for a patent on a credit system that would let it discriminate between 'permissible' and 'non-permissible' traffic on its network. According to the application, AT&T would be allowed to decide what other content is 'non-permissible'—movies and file-sharing files are just examples—and the carrier could also levy additional fees or terminate the user’s access if they tried to access unauthorized content or exceeded their 'credit allotment.'"
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+ - Leaked: The European Police Plan To Remotely Stop Cars?!

Submitted by cartechboy
cartechboy (2660665) writes "We've read about the idea of electromagnetic pulse guns and EMPs being used and or tested to help the police stop cars during a chase. But apparently that stuff is old news already, as a leaked document has revealed that the European Union is working on a plan that could allow police to remotely shut down a vehicle. People, we aren't talking about shutting down a car from the comfort of a squad car, no, we are talking about the idea of shutting down a vehicle from a control room somewhere overseeing the streets via closed-circuit television cameras. According to the leaked document, the technological solution would be a built in standard for all cars that are sold in the European market by the end of the decade. It would allow police to simply power down a vehicle under certain scenarios. The idea behind all this is the fact that it would eliminate dangerous pursuit situations. Of course, this the point where everyone starts discussing whether this invades civil liberties. What's to stop the government from misusing this system?"

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