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+ - UK Government seeks to extend snooping on public->

Submitted by Martin Spamer
Martin Spamer (244245) writes "Theresa May the current UK Home Secretary (the cabinet minister responsible for policing) is attempting to force through a new law that will require ISPs to record the identity of users of each IP address and hand those details over to police on demand.

It is claimed this is necessary for national security, despite the fact the vast majority of the 570,000 data requests made last year did not involve any national security issues.

Stake your claim for internet freedom now"

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+ - News Corp chief lambasts Google->

Submitted by Martin Spamer
Martin Spamer (244245) writes "Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp has lambasted Google’s dominance of internet search, accusing the internet search company of “cynical management”, “egregious aggregation” and a willingness to “stifle competition”. Given their own past anti-competitive practices, should view this as cynical hypocracy or irony?"
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+ - Dust 514 countdown->

Submitted by
Martin Spamer
Martin Spamer writes "A count down clock, due to expire at midnight tonight Icelandic Time, has been running on the Dust 514 site for the last few days. Dust 514 is expected to expand the MMOG Eve Online into the console market with a FPS. While 'Dusters' will battle for control of the planet surfaces above them fleets battles will rage."
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+ - Prosecutor recognises ->

Submitted by
Martin Spamer
Martin Spamer writes "The British Crown Prosecution Service has dropped obscenity charges against Darryn Walker, who faced trial under the Obscene Publications Act for publishing an online rape fantasy, 'Girls (Scream) Aloud', about pop group Girls Aloud on his blog.

Free speech campaign group Index On Censorship said that the case threatened the rights of writers and internet users.

Avedon Carol, spokeswoman for campaign group Feminists Against Censorship, said this attempted prosecution represented a dangerous precedent.

Outlaw.com suggests the court case that could have redefined UK citizens' right to free speech on the internet.

Prosecutors offered no evidence,after receiving expert testimony, and the judge ordered a directed not guilty verdict.

The case was brought following a complaint by the self appointed and unaccountable Big Brother of the internet the Internet Watch Foundation which has previously been involved in the controversial to blocking the Wikipedia and Amazon for hosting obscene images of album and book covers."

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+ - Eve-Online rocked by 700 Billon ISK (119,000 USD)

Submitted by
Martin Spamer writes "The space MMOG Eve-Online where mining rock plays a big part of the economy has recently been hit by a huge in-game scam. The aftermath of the EIB scam... was 700 Billion ISK, (yes that was Billion) might raise $119,000 USD if sold on ebay. Where the conversion rate of 100m isk to 18 USD. These events have prompted claims of player deaths, death threats, and speculation about What Would You Do With 700 Billion ISK?"

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