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Comment Generational succession (Score 0) 12

Here I sit, holding my Zune HD. Featuring the first tegra chip amongst other innovations. First consumer tech device with an OLED display, and the prototype software for the Windows Phone 7 & 8 OS. I didn't think the platform would get this far. Pity the software went nowhere, windows phone seems horrible. Tegra seems great!

Comment Re:Obsession (Score 1) 154

Personally I believe the government funded search efforts are less than altruistic. This first occurred to me as I was standing in a park in Perth one night high on LSD when a massive Lockheed AP-3C Orion flew overhead at low altitude. I recognized the craft immediately though I'd never seen one in person, a truly massive american behemoth.

That experience, compounded by news in the local papers that a Chinese destroyer had joined our own Australian naval vessels off shore to assist in the search cemented in my mind that the search for MH370 was really just pretence; an excuse for regional governments in the southern hemisphere to conduct wargames. The amount of fuel alone consumed in the search thus far is astronomically uneconomical, it makes no sense to me otherwise.

Submission + - Australian Senator Brands New Laws "A fascist ****fest of Orwellian proportions"

Marquis231 writes: Following recent revelations many are still struggling to make sense of the United States and Global surveillance landscape. Despite the growing controversy the Australian federal government is now fast-tracking new anti-terror laws including a 2 year mandatory data-retention scheme ahead of the TPP agreements and G20 global economics summit. West-Australian Senator Scott Ludlam has commented on the technical aspects of the new laws calling the proposed changes "A fascist ****fest of Orwellian proportions".

Comment Re:Australia voted... for a kick in the nuts. (Score 1) 212

I'm also in Northbridge and I actually submitted this story to /. Some other guy has just resubmitted my submission with his name on it, was my first ever submission to /. When I first saw the story in SMH my jaw dropped...I am so disappointed. What is happening to the best place on Earth?

Submission + - Australian Senate Fast Track New Anti-Terror Laws

Marquis231 writes: Reported in Sydney's best known publication the Sydney Morning Herald senators in Australian parliament confirmed "Controversial anti-terrorism laws expected to pass in the Senate as early as this week will give spy agency ASIO the power to monitor the entire internet." Australian Lawyers Association president Greg Barns said the new laws would allow ASIO to conduct surveillance on "anyone, any time, anywhere. There are few, if any, limits now." Senator Brandis told the senate "There is no arbitrary or artificial limit on the number of devices."

This means that the entire Australian internet could be monitored by just one warrant if ASIO wanted to do so, according to experts and digital rights advocates including the Australian Lawyers Alliance, journalist union the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance and Electronic Frontiers Australia. The new anti-terror laws also cover the media, jail-time for those who "recklessly" disclose intelligence information. Under the new laws journalists, bloggers or officials could be jailed for 10 years if caught disclosing restricted material.

Submission + - Australian Senate Introduces Laws to Allow Total Internet Surveillance (

Marquis231 writes: New laws due to be passed in Australia allow intelligence agency ASIO to spy on domestic internet traffic like never before. The Sydney Morning Herald writes that "Spy agency ASIO will be given the power to monitor the entire Australian internet and journalists' ability to write about national security will be curtailed when new legislation – expected to pass in the Senate as early as Wednesday – becomes law".

Comment Impressive (Score 1) 42

I'm always so impressed when AMD manages to compete against Nvidia while AMD is only one tenth the size, they have far less resources to invest back into R&D and yet every generation they show up to the ring with a worthy entry ready for another fight. Both my GPU and CPU are AMD make, I love supporting the underdog.

Comment Insignias (Score 2) 167

Personally I'm just annoyed that as far as I can tell there are no swastikas or historically accurate insignia's in this game. For me, every time I see that emblem they've opted to use instead it will destroy my immersion. After all, I'm meant to be fighting Nazis.

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